Free/low cost training

This is the list I’ve gathered over the past few months of free and low cost training online and various locations. It mainly includes soft skills, ranging from medical to CIED to active attacker response to cybersec and everything in between.

This may help some folks in their professional development, and may nudge that resume in the right direction for promotion or help with teaching that next generation to carry the torch. Use these and share them as you can.
Free and low cost training.

FEMA, wide range of courses. Pandemic, CIED, first responders, etc.

Center for Development of Security Excellence; DOD security training

NIJ LE training, forensics etc.

Free classes on a wide range of subjects

FEMA emergency management specific to rural communities.

Massive catalog of training for all first responders.


FEMA Independent Study for CEUs

Virginia Center for Policing Innovation LE courses

American Red Cross courses (First Aid/CPR/AED, etc.)

LE Centric active attacker and similar classes

National Criminal Intelligence Research classes calendar

Texas A&M sponsored courses, wide range of topics.