FPF Training, Vehicle Environment Skills, Culpeper, VA, 4 June

John Murphy

Cost is $300, 100 rounds required.
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Class description:

Event Information​

We must be prepared to defend ourselves in and around our vehicles.

About this event​

Americans are in love with their cars, and man of us spend hours every day in our vehicles commuting and interacting with society at 60MPH. The criminal and anti-social element is mobile as well, and consequently we may find ourselves in an encounter "in and around" our cars.
This Concealed Carry: Vehicle Environment Skills course look at self-defense from the “vehicle environment” standpoint, and illustrates manners and methods by which we can be deselected, deter or, if necessary, prevail in a criminal encounter in and around our cars. Students will engage in both “dry” and “live” fire exercises and engage in scenario based work around their own vehicles.

Course Pre-requisite:

Concealed Carry: Foundation Skills or other recognized training. Please contact us to verify eligibility. (NOTE: There will be an inventory skills test prior to any work around the vehicles in the class. If you are unable to demonstrate a safe draw stroke, you’ll be removed from the course and your fee applied to another FPF Training class or sponsored event.)

You’ll Need: Eye protection, ear protection, 100 rounds of ammunition, food, water, sunblock, insect repellent, long-sleeved shirt, wrap around eye protetion, gloves (optional) We will be shooting the car up a bit, so bring some carry ammo or other weapons that you wish to test.

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