For Matt L.

Thanks for the content u put out in the podcast. I am newer to the pistol game and have been trying to soak up as much info as possible. I have noticed u say a lot of negative stuff about the Springfield xd line and was curious why that is? I haven’t ever heard u get into why. I ask because u have a greater experience with this then I and have come to trust what u have to say.. I would appreciate the feedback. Thanks for your time
Hey i got a quote from one of the mod cast and I can’t remember who said it or which modcast it was but the quote was “as long as the bullets go bang and cycle my rifle your getting 10 and 2 have fun bleeding out mf” and can anyone help my find that modcast? I remember it being very informative and hilarious at the same time
I'm pretty sure that was Chuck Pressburg in the Terminal Ballistics Modcast 125. Don't quote me on that, but that definitely sounds like him, and I just listened to the episode with that in it. Pretty sure it was that one.