FN Tac 2

Changed the 3 prong for an A2. Shot surplus 62g and Gold dot 64g. Ejection with both was 3:30-4:00. I was looking for it this time

3, 3 shot groups with the 64g gold dots under 1” at 100m... you’ll have to take my word for it since I didn’t take pics, again! Yes, I know it’s a lie without proof ‍♂️

My daughter (10) was has a deer hunt in nov and she’ll be using this, probably with 75g TSX maybe the 64g Gold Dots. The trigger is on the heavy side for her so I’m pretty sure I’ll be swapping it out for a Larue 2 stage.

Am I still the only one on here with a FN?

Oak City Tactics

Not Tac 2’s but we have 14.5 FN Duty guns. I’ve been impressed so far. Accuracy has been phenomenal with one gun shooting in the 1-1.5” range with an Aimpoint. That particular one is a laser beam. The only issue we have had is vibration of the gas tube. I’ve been personal with hundreds of AR’s at this point in my life and I’ve never seen this. The gas tubes rattle on the receiver end and it’s loud. Tink tink tink tink. For cops it really manifests itself in the car racks on patrol. The first one was bad enough I got a call in the middle of a shift. “If I come by your house is there anything you can do to stop this?” I used a dab of high temp automotive RTV wedged along the gas tube entry through the upper receiver. So far so good but the jury is still out as that officer has not been shooting much since due to covid restrictions and professional schooling. I had another approach me yesterday with the same issue. I don’t know if the tube is a different metal or if the hole in the receiver is oversized? The rail is the MI rail FN uses with the GI barrel nut. Maybe that set up, which leaves much of the barrel nut visible, is somehow not dampening the gas tube in a way other combos do.
Interesting, did FN have anything to say about it?

I agree with the accuracy. Well, from my sample of one so far. I think this one is just as accurate if not more than my old BCM 410SS. At first I thought it was just marketing: “match grade CHF Chrome Lined” but mine seems to be.

side note, FN customer service said the barrel but on the Tac 2 is steel.
Originally I thought it was aluminum. But I only did a magnet test and from what I understand some stainless steels are not very magnetic, if it is stainless. When the Hodge rail is available I believe it’s around $300 and so is the Zev but the Zev from what they told me is 6061 so I do wish the FN was 7075 but not a deal breaker. If you asked me today, I would take the FN over my BCM 410SS.

The SpringCo extractor spring now stays in place so that “fixed its self”

One of these days I might own a Hodge or KAC but for now the TAC2 is filling the “poor man’s Hodge” roll very nicely.
Zev stepped to the 6061 after taking over.

Yeah, man...have gone FN and DD CHF barrels across the board on AR's myself and don't miss my heavy stainless barrels in the least.
A new issue has arisen. We are being told by the distributor that FN has discontinued the 14.5 Patrol. Is the Tac II 16” pinned and welded or is it actually 16” plus the long flash hider? I’d love to move over to it but 16” is just a little long for the applications. 14.5 is the compromise between FN10.5 and 16”. Any suggestions? I’m trying to get an updated product line as they still show the 14.5 on the website.