FN 509 Tac duty holster help

I have searched and searched and i cannot find a duty holster for FN 509 tac. Any chance someone can point me in the right direction? I've been told the 6395RDS-4502 would work but I don't have rds or a mounted light so i don't think it will fit the holster
A local Curtis Blue Line Rep. Safariland was making holsters specifically for the FN 509 tactical, and was RDS and WML ready. Unfortunately, my agency will not allow me to carry my 509 Tactical, so I never looked into it further. It may be worth contacting Jason Richards 801-946-1729, at Curtis Blue Line, to see if they are available yet.
Bump: I have a similar question.

I see that Safariland now makes the 6395RDS for the FN 509 with a 4" barrel. I was under the impression that anything 6395RDS also works with suppressor height sights and a threaded barrel, i.e. I'd expect that the FN 509 compatible 6395RDS-2702-561 (OD green, right handed) would work with an FN 509 Tactical, is that right?