First Line Setups

Jon Meyer

I posted this on the FB page but figured I'd post it here as well for those who do not do social media.

I'd like to broaden my initial approach and make this thread a do's/don'ts/lessons learned etc in regards to first line gear. Essentially, post your setup and make an informative outline. Hopefully others can learn from the shared knowledge and get new ideas.

I searched for a similar thread but did locate anything; so if such a thread already exists, please merge.

My OP:

I am posting this here rather than just the LEO group as it is applicable to all belt rigs and not just duty rigs.

I am the type that is always trying to refine and improve. My duty rig started out like the 4th pic right out of FTO in early 2019. It essentially stayed the same until now, besides dropping both cuff cases; hung one cuff like the new setup and put the other in my right cargo pocket. This setup was comfortable with the duty grip pad and it was easier to don/doff than a standard duty rig, but it still required two keepers in the back. I hate keepers. The trade off was my waist line would hold more heat than a standard setup. I still had the urge to simplify it and shed weight.

In comes the more and more proliferate use of micro molle belts. To preface, I had originally looked into running an Ares setup, but with all the equipment there would be minimal velcro engagement so I went with the duty grip. Now, a micro molle belt fixes that issue. So I looked into different variations and narrowed it down to the Jones Tactical version and the Raptor Odin; I wanted a belt with as much real-estate up front but most variations were limited in the front. I settled on the JT belt.

I ordered the Blade Tech molle stix to convert the carriers over from the tec-lok. They work well but I wish they made a shorter version. With how tight the PALS webbing is on the belt, there isn't a whole lot of vertical play but there is some if you force it. Somewhat annoying.

I don't like the standard UBL but they work. I needed a mount that wouldn't create a hotspot like the UBL and that would free up real-estate. The MHA did just that. I had seen the True North MHA around a lot but there wasn't much for detailed reviews out there. I figured fuck it, trial by fire. After about two weeks of daily duty use, I have no complaints on comfortability. My only complaint is the lack of space between the plate and the holster. Even with using their largest spacers and keeping on the Black Box adaptor, I still had to remove the shirt shield from the holster (see pictures). It seems the plate wasn't designed around the thumb break version. I picked up two QLS's because from pictures they seem to create a decent amount of space, which it did for my training rig. I still need to try the other on my duty rig.

I had carried a hemorrhage kit in my left cargo pocket in a Phlster sleeve but I wanted to try out the Mbok on the belt. So far no issues.

I wanted to get the TQ off my belt because even with the shirt protector, it was eating my shirts slowly. I looked at the Black Box setup but it was too bulky for my liking so I went with the Emdom/Condition Gray strap. Works quite well.

The inner belt is a 2" Emdom belt. I have been using this one for a while and it has held up well. No complaints.

I try and mirror my training rig to my duty for obvious reasons. For that I have a JT belt on order to replace the duty grip. I will also be picking up an Mbok for it here soon as well. Ignore the TQ holder as the strap just showed up today.

Hope this helps with those contemplating any particular kit. Ignore the structuring as I typed this from my phone.