Firearms Training in southern Alabama

For Alabama look up Curt Carpenter with Lighthorse Tactical he’s around Hoover but trains all over the state, Chase with Talon Defense is another good one but he has teamed up with Centrifuge Training and is traveling out of state a lot. Curt is a good dude, good teacher.

There’s a training facility called Double Tap near Calera, AL. It’s a good facility and hosts some big name instructors occasionally. Features outdoor bays, bunk house, laundry facility, showers, and a indoor two story force on force house.
And if you aren’t attending the ATOA conference your wrong. They’ve had DARC, Reston Group, ESEE, Talon/Lighthorse, out there all at once doing some awesome training for $50
The question is: can I get away from my chronically short-handed facility long enough to attend? I'm definitely going to be looking at this.
I will second Curt (Lighthouse Tactical), great trainer with lots of experience and training. If you can catch Chase in Alabama, you will not be disappointed. Two solid choices.

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I can’t advise as for the others mentioned, but I’ve trained with Jared Hudson/The Shooting Institute when he came up to my AO. Top notch instruction and he’s a heckuva guy. They have built a facility in AL and are hosting classes as well.

I’d hazard a guess that any trainer mentioned here would be GTG. This is the most switched-on group (P&S) and I don’t think you’ll be led astray.


In addition to Curt and Chase,UNA Florence PD used to put in great classes as well. Tuscaloosa County Sheriffs Office is expanding thier range and hosting some great classes with on site lodging etc.