Ferro Concepts ADAPT Water Back Panel


I currently own a Ferro Concepts FCPC V5. I just received my zip on Back Panel for my water storage. Dimentions of the Panel is 11.5”x 8”. Says it’s fits a 1.75 liter Bladder. Im having trouble finding a quality Water Bladder that will fit inside the Back Panel. Any suggestions? What is everyone else rocking for the water bladder on they’re FCPC?.


Huh. Never heard of a 1.75. The Camelbak 1.5 L bladder is 12 x 7, and I have one in a weird (not the normal 3L sized as cataloged) First Spear pouch that's about the size of the FC one you have. Since it gets fatter and shorter/narrower when filled, and is squishy, it's not hard to get the bladder in there at all, but there's near-zero extra room.

The 1.5s are pretty popular for civilian use anymore as they are half the weight and volume of the 3L (!). So you may well know someone with one like this, and they are all +/- the same dimensions so see if you can borrow one for a minute to fit it, then go try to find a proper CB one if it fits.

The CB reservoir in tactical guise (darker colors, insulated hose, etc) is:
CamelBak - Mil-Spec Crux 50 oz/1.5L Accessory Reservoir (2053001015), Brown

The covers are all backpacks and in these tiny carriers probably won't fit. To give some thin protection and insulation I hacked up an amazon bubble envelope and rattlecanned it so not as white, and added some black duct tape, etc. The slickness also (despite extra bulk) makes it /easier/ to get the bladder assembly inside the pouch. But if anything has some better idea, I'll hear it. For starters, someday I'll actually carefully keep one of the black plastic bubble envelopes I occasionally get in the mail, instead of tearing them open furiously!