Favorite sand filled kettlebell

Hello, I'm trying to figure out if anyone has a favorite sand filled/ portable kettlebell. I'll need it to be around 20 kg/ 44lbs., I've seen a few out there on the market and want to find the most durable one for a reasonable price. I will be traveling a decent amount and don't want to have to find gyms or equipment where I'm going. Thanks for your time!
The brute force sandbells are generally good quality and well reviewed but you can also look at some of the other more budget priced ones on amazon if you dont want to pay the +/- $80 for it. I think weight wise they top out right around 21 kg/45lbs so you are already towards the top of its weight loading range.


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Brute Force has a decent mil/LE discount. I have a KB and sandbag from them. Both have been good and taken some beating.

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Sorry for the late reply gents, I ended up gong with a brute force one and it worked great for me. I also ordered a luggage scale with it so I could try to get accurate weights on it. I ended up leaving for the trip sooner than I expected or I'd have posted sooner.