Fast Drill


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You could, but I disagree that the benefit would be more than a few percent. Have you ever spent an entire practice session trying to refine your performance on a classifier? I have. Hit factor got marginally better but it wasn't enough for a class bump.

Similarly, no one is going to get a FAST coin by doing the test over and over unless they also have their marksmanship and gun handling skills squared away.
No I haven't, but its entirely possible and has been done. Regardless, dudes are doing it now with the FAST. Granted they aren't earning coins cause its all on film via Instagram.
No I haven't, but its entirely possible and has been done.
I don't want to shit up this thread by turning this into an argument, but who has done this? Can you point to a person who has achieved a significantly higher classification by practicing the classifier beforehand? I've never heard of anything more substantial than vague rumors.

Note that I'm not talking about guys that abuse clubs that let you re-shoot classifiers for $5; there's at least concrete examples of that happening.
I'm pushing myself hard on the FAST to try and make a pass at the coin later this year. I will say that, while running the test itself over and over and over probably isn't super helpful, doing just that on occasion is definitely helping me figure out where some of my problems are, and the test is thankfully structured in such a way that I can break it down into smaller chunks to focus on specific skills (draw to first shot, double taps on A zon, speed reload, fast splits into an 8" circle).

I'm currently trying to break 6.5 seconds, but I'm definitely improving.