Extended Range Carbine Class

Matt Landfair

Matt Six Actual
Staff member
I have been through Buck Doyle's Followthrough Consulting scoped carbine (predecessor to current offerings) twice.

It provides the path to increase skills involving holds, range estimation, and wind. The terrain he works on is varied and provides unique experiences. My second time through, I used my patrol rifle with rds to see how I fared during one course of fire. Excellent experience.


I've been sitting on my AAR for the Ridgeline/Reston class for about 5 months now and should probably get that out.

One thing to note is to take your own skills and knowledge into account. Point being, this is not the subject matter to be seeing these concepts for the first time AND ironing out your kit.

General understanding of ballisitics (having some data or some time with a ballistic app), your kit, and marksmanship fundamentals would be a good thing to have done before attending one of these courses.


I don't have any experience with them (yet) but I've been eyeing some of the classes at K&M Precision down in TN to do some focused long range carbine training.