Experiences with Q Plan-B / Cherry Bomb?

Pat Tarrant

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I'm looking to swap out the direct thread adapter on my Vox-K suppressor with a Q Products Plan-B, which allows it to mount onto their Cherry Bomb brake. Does anyone here have experience with the Plan-B and Cherry Bomb that could offer insight as to whether I should carry on with great haste or avoid?


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Been running a Silencerco omega with a plan b on a cb for abt 6 months on 18” Noveske 5.56 SS and a 24” Rem 700P. Both have been sub MOA guns with match bullets both prior to and after the CB/PB/Omega.

I weighed the Omega with PB with a food scale and it was 12.9 oz. A CB for .30 Cal is 2 oz. The total system weight is very light and the change in POI at 100M between unsuppressed and suppressed is not noticeable (under 1/10 mil) on the 700P. Maybe I’m just lucky. I’ve not compared POI shift between suppressed/unsuppressed with the 18” 5.56 yet.

Return to zero when removing the omega/PB and reinstalling it has been perfect on both guns.

CB is LOUD when the can isn’t on it but it works good as a radial muzzle brake. It also acts as a sacrificial baffle. CB is very easy to install compared to some other muzzle devices I’ve used.

I am very diligent about how I tighten the PB on the CB. I make it snug and it has NOT come loose. I have not done mag dumps so not sure how it would work with that.

The taper of the PB to the CB does a great job making a seal to keep the threads on the CB clean when the can is installed.

The only problem I’ve had is when spinning the can off the muzzle the can will sometimes loosen from the PB. I keep a wrench in my range bag and use it on the wrench flats on the PB to spin it off the CB. Works great. This is NOT the fault of the PB/CB. So far I’ve been too lazy to rocket the PB onto the Omega.

I’m a huge fan.
Have a Vox-S in jail right now. Waiting for it to get out. Plan on running the Plan B/Cherry bomb set up. Everything I have read says it is the best lightweight option for good suppressor mounting. Direct threads on barrel I'm concerned with it backing off. The Keymo setup is nice, but just to heavy imho. Only down side to Cherry bomb is it is loud without a suppressor mounted to it. If you plan on running the gun unsuppressed a lot, I might consider going Keymo with a flash hider or something. If it will primarily be run with a suppressor and you want lightweight, go Plan B/Cherry bomb.

You liking the Vox-K?


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Pat, if you are interested in the Plan B/Cherry Bomb, I have a brand new, unused Omega Pattern Plan B and 2 1/28 Cherry Bombs (one new, one with maybe 100 rounds through it), that I'd be willing to part with. Nothing at all wrong with the setup, I just have a Griffin Plan A on a different suppressor and am trying to standardize on mounts.