Every Day T Shirts

James W

For years I've been wearing Under Armour Charged Cotton Sportstyle T shirts the vast majority of the time when I'm outside of work and I don't need or want to wear a collared shirt. A few of the things I like about them:
  • Durability - They each last a few years of regular wear while appendix carrying. Many other T shirts will thin out and wear a hole around my belly button from contact with the pistol. The UA shirts do slightly shrink over time, but generally they maintain their color and shape very well compared to others.
  • Fit/Comfort - They have some stretch to them and fit me well. I'm 6'1" 175 and wear a size medium. After a couple years, the shrinking I mentioned before has made me retire a few of the lighter colored shirts earlier than the darker ones because printing starts to become an issue. Even after that, they become my workout/lounging shirts. I learned later on to only dry them for a few minutes just to knock out the wrinkles from the washing machine, then let them hang dry the rest of the way, which helps.
  • Style - I live in Houston and nicer-looking T shirts are generally acceptable at all places but a few of the higher-end restaurants/bars. I can wear the Under Armour T shirt with nicer shorts and shoes out to dinner with my wife at most places and not look like a bum when it's 97 degrees at 7 pm. They all are one solid color with two small, subdued logos - one on the upper left chest and one on the back at the base of the neck. No designs or graphics or anything else that I feel hints that I'm carrying a firearm. I've had them in probably close to 20 different colors and even had multiples of the same color for those that I liked the most.
  • Price - At most were $25, generally around $20, and frequently on sale/had a discount code that got them around $15.
I say all that to say that they've been discontinued, and I'm searching for a replacement. Looking at their website, it looks like they tried to replace the shirt I liked with a lower quality version that's now in the "Outlet" section of the site and is riddled with bad reviews. Do any of y'all have a go-to T shirt that you'd recommend? I'm looking for all of the features above but would be willing to spend more if the other criteria are met.


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I'm in the same boat right now and I love the Charged Cotton shirts I have left. I'm trying to find a suitable replacement and am struggling to do so. UA makes something similar but it's more slim fitting and a lighter weight material, just not the same.


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I'm going to update this a little. UA still hasn't brought back the Charged Cotton shirts, I've tried but it's not happening. I loved them too.

I've bought a few Hylete Tri-Blend shirts and have been pretty happy. Once in a while you can buy 3+ for $20 each. I have also picked up some Lululemon Basic Ts. Lululemon has a 25% first responder discount for in-store purchases too. The Lululemon shirts do look better, but they cost twice as much.