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Discussion in 'New Stuff' started by nate89, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. nate89

    nate89 Regular Member

    I saw these come up for sale on Rainier, and pre-ordered two of them to try out. I wanted to put down a few initial impressions, then update the thread as I get more rounds through them, and do a bit more testing. I would welcome any other opinions or experiences.

    Overview: I'm not going to copy text from their own ads, but i'm sure the internets can lead you to their website. It appears they have 17 and 19 round magazines for the 17 and 19, a 33 round mag, as well as a 22 round mag that is USPSA limited legal for length (under 140mm).

    I opted for the 22 rounders for a few reasons.
    1-Without getting into the USPSA rules too much, I like shooting my Glock 19 at matches, and now that I have an appendix holster, I will be shooting limited because of the position of the holster. That's fine and I don't really care, but it does allow me to have longer mags. Instead of buying a glock mag, then a $20-$35 extended basepad, I can get a $20 mag that already lets me load to capacity.
    2-with they way my spare mag pouch is angled, I could potentially carry this as a back-up mag with no concealment issues. Having an extra 5 rounds is a good thing.
    3-I already have all of the other sizes, so why not.

    Initial impressions: The plastic feels cheaper than other polymer magazines. Ok, it is true and I don't really care. I don't care what it subjectively feels like, as long as it can perform (phrasing...are we still doing that?). Instead of the rougher feel of the glock polymer shell on the OEM mags, or even the magpul mags, these feel slick. They also have a rib around the basepad they claim to make stripping mags out easier. This extends past the grip of even a 17, so not a real advantage of this one, but makes sense for the 15 and 17 round varieties.

    I took one to the range and shot about 75 rounds or so through a glock 19, and glock 17, and Matt's Roland special (FB post about that coming). You can fill the mag up to 22 rounds, but seating with a closed slide requires a firm push to engage the catch. I did find that with either 21, and more so with 22 rounds in the mag, it would no longer drop free of the gun. I imagine that there is a slight swelling in the body as the spring is fully compressed. I don't know if that will go away with use and wearing in, but I am going to mic it with and without rounds in it tomorrow and see where it is bulging. I don't every see myself needing to drop a fully-loaded mag, especially in a match, when I see these being used mostly, but who knows.

    They seem to work, after more rounds and more time I'll have a better idea. Overall I am happy with the purchase so far, and hope to get some good use out of them in the coming year. IMG_2262.JPG IMG_2265.JPG IMG_2267.JPG
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  2. voodoo_man

    voodoo_man Regular Member

    I pre-ordered all the sizes of 9mm mags they are currently making for the Glock.

    About a week or so ago I went to the range and put about 30-50 rounds through each magazine below, no issues or hiccups. Not much of an endorsement I agree, and since then I will be running them at every training session I have a chance to shoot at. I'd highly recommend these mags, the 31rnd G18 mag run flawlessly and at the price point which I purchased it you just cannot beat it.

    As for the 22rnd mag, I have a 17 mag with a TTI extension (holds 23rnds I fill it with 22rnds as I've see issues with a fully loaded mag with an extension) and it feels a good bit heavier than an ETS 22rnd mag. The extension is also 2x the price of an ETS mag. Also a fully loaded 22rnd mag with hollowpoint ammo has to be forced into two of my gen3 g17's - it doesn't just "click" into place when I insert it like others.

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  3. K Williams

    K Williams Member

    Any more feedback on these guys? I read a few negative reviews on these on the intarwebs, feeding issues reported from a couple dudes...
  4. nate89

    nate89 Regular Member

    I have one loaded I am going to leave for a few months and then get back to shooting it. No issues so far with the other one in a few hundred more rounds.
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  5. ImBatman

    ImBatman I'm on a boat! Staff Member Moderator


    any issues with partially loaded mags being dropped? I'm liking the idea of the 22 rounders for backup mags vice the TTI+6 glock 17 mags I normally run but worry about the plastic failing.
  6. nate89

    nate89 Regular Member

    I dropped a fully loaded 22 rounder on the concrete at the range (from belt level) and saw no problems . I have since shot another 50-ish rounds through my Glock 19 with an Atom slide and RMR on it, still no problems. ETS did reply to me regarding the bulging of the 22 rounders when fully loaded. I guess they are a tighter fit than any of the other models due to them trying to get 22 rounds into a 140mm USPSA legal mag length. I was told to keep it loaded and with use the problem will go away. If it doesn't, they sounded willing to exchange it or something along those lines. I really don't have a problem with that, as I can't think of a reason to drop a fully-loaded mag out of the gun. Even if the gun had a round in the chamber and you got a click--immediate action would be to ensure the mag is seated and rack the slide--thus removing one round and eliminating the problem. I will try some additional drops as soon as I get a few minutes.
  7. Mojonixon00

    Mojonixon00 Newbie

    I have a limited 10 round mag for my 19 and so far it causes a failure to fully feed on the second or third round every time I run it. I have 6 full cycles thru it so far. It is also extremely difficult to get a full 10 rounds in. 9 go pretty easy but #10 is a bitch and a half.
  8. hogarth

    hogarth Member

  9. voodoo_man

    voodoo_man Regular Member

    I have dropped them during reloads a bunch of times - I do this during dryfire too, just to get the reps of use for the mag - so far no issues. I'll probably be carrying a 22rnd mag around with me as a backup mag as I've had no issues with it.

    Some have put the TTI base plates on these using the ETS spring, I don't know if it'll work with a 22rnder but I might try it.
  10. Mojonixon00

    Mojonixon00 Newbie

    I contacted ETS C/S about my problematic limited 10 round G19 mag, they are sending me a new spring to try out.
  11. Mojonixon00

    Mojonixon00 Newbie

    It's been nearly 3 weeks and aside from them asking for my shipping address I have not heard back from them after several attempts at e-mail contact. I have received nothing. I'm not holding my breath but am a bit annoyed at the lack of comms and follow thru on their part. It's not a great loss if nothing happens, I have a new $16 paperweight for my desk.
  12. JeffM.

    JeffM. Newbie

    I hate dealing with any gun company's CS between the middle of December (holidays/EOY admin) through about mid February (SHOT Show). After about two-three weeks post-SHOT Show CS for everyone tends to settle down and run a bit more smoothly. Keep us posted.
  13. Mojonixon00

    Mojonixon00 Newbie

    So 3 weeks to the day and I finally received my spring yesterday, now to get the damn thing back together, its tough with only one fully functional hand. The new spring does have 1 full coil less than the original so it may make loading the full 10 rounds easier.
  14. Mojonixon00

    Mojonixon00 Newbie

    Turns out the spring I received is so bent out of shape that it is unusable. 2 major bends in places where it wont let the follower move beyond half into the mag body. Looks like more e-mails for me. Not pleased so far.
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  15. WayneF

    WayneF Moderator Moderator

    I ordered up two of the 22 rounders to try out. So far I only have about 250 rounds between the two mags. They have performed without issue or the bulging described above. I have another two on the way and will be using them for all of my upcoming training events and range sessions. I hope they prove to be reliable and durable, I like the idea of an inexpensive larger capacity magazine. But if the above CS issues continue for others I may just be waiting until Magpul comes out with their new models.
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  16. MojoNixon

    MojoNixon Member

    Bringing this one back up as ETS finally got me squared away with a good spring. I ended up buying another limited 10 rounder, and have about 500 rounds through each with no further issues. They are my travel to California mags.
  17. MojoNixon

    MojoNixon Member

    Another 30 rounds thru each of my now 3 10 rounders. After my initial problems with bent springs, I have had zero issues, rechecked my round counts and it's more like 300/325 through each of the 3 after the issues got resolved. They will be put to use at the end of the month (08-2017)as HH6 has us scheduled for a SoCal trip.
  18. Lane C

    Lane C Rico and the Man Moderator

    Nothing scientific or definitive data on the ETS. But here is what I have been doing with them. I started using a MagPul G17 and ETS 22 rd mag along with an OEM G17 mag when i teach at the academy. I make it a habit of loading an ETS, Magpul and OEM in my teaching load, hoping to cycle each of them before topping off.

    Picked them up Oct 2016 - Aug 2017. Average range days of once every other week. Average rounds shot doing demos or working on skills on lunch break is about 200 (-+) per day.

    No problems with any of them. The hard deck for the indoor range is concrete and the outdoor range is blacktop.

    I'm winging it here but somewhere between 1500-200 rounds in the ETS and not any problems.
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