Erick Gelhaus / CMS - San Bernadino L/E Low Light Instructor Oct '22

Erick Gelhaus

Staff member
Cougar Mountain Solutions' will be presenting a Low Light Instructor class at Rt 66 Shooting Park in San Berdoo.

Sentinel Defense, run by @Clint A is hosting the class.

Course Description

This two-evening course addresses low-light issues for law enforcement & governmental agencies that work in this environment and how agency instructors can train for them. Evening #1 starts with human factors and legal considerations. The class moves on to using hand-held and weapon-mounted lights before concluding with judgmental drills and practical application.

Evening #2 begins with a practical application exercise before shifting to patrol rifles in the low-light environment.

The class will emphasize the importance of target discrimination vs. target illumination. Also, the student will understand how ambient and direct lighting can hinder an officer's ability to see in low-light settings. After completing the course, the student will be able to demonstrate and present these concepts with both hand-held and weapon-mounted lights to patrol officers.

(18 hours, two evenings)

Tuition: $450 (includes range fees)

For information and to register contact: Erick at (707) 396-2705 or email: Clint at (477-0156) or email:



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