Episode Ideas?

3D printing. I'm not going to claim I'm an SME, but I've printed out a working 10/22 and a large number of gun-related items, and even designed a few. It's pretty cool what you can do with it.
-A serious discussion of use of force issues for LEO and civilians. With at least one lawyer present.

-A Mythbusters type episode that covers all kinds of silly stuff which floats around. This should include angry Chuck Haggard rants.

-How all these random insta people and small businesses are getting bunches of (I think post sample) machine guns to play with.


Network Support I
Possibly a future of warfare episode, maybe incorparating lessons learned from the GWOT and previous wars. Maybe roles to be played by each service and possible players on each side. Even possible scenarios that could develop on both sides. More of a thought exercise but could be highly captivating judging by the caliber of panels on modcasts.
Man, the revolver and mouse gun episodes were great!!

I’d LOVE to see a lever gun episode, especially covering .357 and .44 mag carbines.

The episodes on older weapons have been refreshing. I think I when all we talk about is polymer handguns and ARs, we forget there’s a world of other awesome stuff out there that can make us more complete gunfighters.
The Lever gun episode would be great!
After years of shooting Cowboy Action and hunting with them...they are legit!
BTW....Cowboys we’re rocking PCC since late 1800s!

Average Gatsby

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Zeroing with, and building an effective system of night optics. NVGs, IR lasers/illuminators, when to potentially opt out for a WML, drawbacks in depth perception/equipment function, how to integrate the gear into your loadout so that it works together. Why maybe someone shouldnt buy x amount of combos.
Should get a live panel together to call Clark Trost and ask why he's scammed so many of us. Waiting on a slide now for MONTHS, he refuses to answer emails, messages, calls, etc. Almost ready to drive the 8 hours over there and pick it up.
A Modcast all about non-firearm duty gear would be awesome. Things like Cuffs, pouches, less-lethal force options just sharing info on what gear people have found to work and how people carry it.
This would be great. We talk about handguns and rifles all day, but there isn't much sharing of info on our other duty gear. None of it is secret info either. It could even just be a segment of a LEO related Modcast. I'd even donate photos of my gear for the cause.

Nathan Mack

Network Support II
If not already suggested: an episode regarding all things Safariland and what’s what for which guns. This suggestion spurred from the good convo on the December Open Mic modcast. Maybe try and get an R&D rep from Safariland or an SME from Holster Ops? For mere mortals their SKUs are a dumpster fire.