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Repeating my request to get Kelly McCann on the show.

A hugely influential guy and still training hard now that he's near 60.

He was using and advocating MRDS on duty pistols before it was cool.

He was using and advocating appendix carry before it was cool.

He was doing realistic integrated force training (carbine, pistol, stick, knife, empty hands) and pressure testing them before it was cool.

He has trained a LOT of people in all the above, and more.


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To throw a few more topics into the ring;

-woodsman type skills/fieldcraft.

-Impact/blunt weapons, LE and citizen use.

-Edged weapons for practical and field use.
A SERE Instructor or graduate would be awesome on this panel. Maybe a grounded maker as well.

-Another dedicated ammo Modcast, specifically any updates from Doc GKR on defensive/duty loads. Previously stated updates on promising calibers and ones worth avoiding as well.

-High angle rescue/ropework/rappelling/etc.

-Pros and cons of the Tactical Medic concept for stateside first responders. May have been covered previously cannot remember.

-GOTTA get another "Tales From The Gun Counter" episode.

-Aerial marksman episode. Mil, LE, citizen hunter perspectives.

Looking forward to open mic night this week.
I will say yet again, can we get a Commie/East Bloc weapons episode from people who actually served in the Soviet/Russian/Former east bloc nations and actually used those guns in their native environment.

It would be interesting for me to see from a historical perspective for all the gun nerds, and probably useful on a professional level for the .mil guys to see how east bloc weapons are employed and their capabilities as used with a actually military that can actually properly support and run those guns

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I would love a part 2 to the shotgun episode. My dream panel would be some combination of Tom Givens, Darryl Bolke, Scott Reitz, Steve Fisher, Chris Fry and Tim Chandler.

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In one of the more recent podcasts it was mentioned that 5.56 and 7.62 were the past. So how about an episode on the future of small arms cartridges. Is it currently available (6.5 creed, 6.8spc, etc) or will it be something else entirely? Are the polymer cased rounds viable? Or the telescoped cartridges? Jordan mentioned a cartridge in between 5.7x28 and 5.56 for mega city fighting, what would that look like?


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So I had a thought earlier today, then was watching one of Aaron Cowan's videos where he pulled out a fucking meat cleaver and well I figure I might as well throw this out there. I don't think this could cover an entire episode, but might make a decent part of an episode perhaps branching off of the similar topic, I'll get into that in a moment. But, the idea was regarding weapons or tools, or even items for that matter, that have or can be used in either none traditional ways, or ways that most wouldn't look at at first blush. My first thought was running off a tomahawk and most people think of it as little more than a ax to kill someone with, but, let's be honest there are other uses, even just from a combative perspective, I can do more than just chop with the damn thing, I can hook, I can poke, I can use the handle if I don't want to strike with the head, I can also choke up on the handle and have a really nasty impromptu set of brass knuckles, and likely a whole lot more I never even thought about. So what about perhaps something on perhaps tools, or weapons, likely your none firearm related items though, that have defensive uses, or techniques, or more uses than just what first glance would suggest, either through design, or repurposing? Again, I think it would be more a section of a episode, than an entire episode, but could be interesting hearing the thoughts on things here.

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What to expect after an OIS.

Possible Topics:

  • How to build proper SOPs that do not leave the Officer setting in a room or the back seat of a patrol car for hours in a world of unknowns after an OIS.
  • Should I carry insurance, pay for FOP Legal Aid, have a lawyer on retainer or all three?
  • Myths: carrying reloaded ammo, carrying certain guns, having certain accessories
  • What items may I loose or may be taken for evidence
  • What if I carry a personal firearm / knife and use it in an OIS or self-defense situation while on duty or off-duty.
It could morph into a discussion for off duty / regular earth guy involved in a shooting

At least in my neck of the woods this topic is never covered. The only way you find out is when you are involved in one. I know certain things are regional, but a good panel should cover a large majority of the general procedures.

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Non-mainstream ammo manufacturers.

Ash Hess’s ravings about Atlanta Arms Ammunition got me thinking about these “small” business ammo manufacturers. Gorilla Ammo is just down the street from me and I’ve used their 556 and 308 ammo with superb results. Perhaps an episode with some of these manufacturers talking about the ammo industry and what it takes to make a truly superb product in the face of the mainstream “big guys.”


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Fenix ammo has quite a following here on Michigan and Mid America Munitions is a source for probably the most cost effect 300 Blackout ammo although they make a lot of other products.
I’d love an episode about bull pups. Strengths and weaknesses of the designs, Military vs LE vs private citizen uses, compare some of the more popular ones like the Tavor, AUG, F2000, etc. Get Steve Fisher, Darryl Bolke, Ian and Karl from InRange. I’m sure there are a few other folks with some knowledge and experience with them.

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I’d love an episode about bull pups. Strengths and weaknesses of the designs, Military vs LE vs private citizen uses, compare some of the more popular ones like the Tavor, AUG, F2000, etc. Get Steve Fisher, Darryl Bolke, Ian and Karl from InRange. I’m sure there are a few other folks with some knowledge and experience with them.
The fact we did mouse guns is a win. Bullpups, that's going to take a couple years and more models of bullpups to discuss... unless I buy one.
There are some good ideas here for sure.
Has this one been covered?
First carry piece purchased. Not necessarily issued but the first pistol you bought yourself specifically for carry. What, how, why and why did you leave it for the next carry piece? Assuming you didn’t start out with the ubiquitous g19 of course.
Man, the revolver and mouse gun episodes were great!!

I’d LOVE to see a lever gun episode, especially covering .357 and .44 mag carbines.

The episodes on older weapons have been refreshing. I think I when all we talk about is polymer handguns and ARs, we forget there’s a world of other awesome stuff out there that can make us more complete gunfighters.