Episode Ideas?

Alternate calibers for AR15 and AR10 and how they compare (to 5.56 and .308 respectively) and are they worth it?

6.5 Grendel
.22 Nosler
.224 Valkyrie

.260 Rem
6.5 Creedmoor
.243 Winchester?
Whatever big bird stuff Petra/NEMO are trying to do.
I liked the episode where Chuck talked about H&K and Canipe's blurb about B&T was interesting as well.

Maybe a modcast on European assault rifles in general. Would also be interested in hearing about SAN SWISS guns like the 551, 553, etc.
The importance of large military exercises/ wargames.
The importance of training with allies or other agencies.

Sorry to get a little preachy explaining this but I do not want another Task Force Smith. If an episode is done quickly it can be used gain more eyeballs by using the fallout of President Trump's concession of halting military exercises with South Korea. There a general lack of understanding about the importance of large military exercises regarding force readiness. (Also, disaster response training locally) President Trump’s statements, to put kindly, is set in his ways and is a lost cause on this issue. His statement though gives some insight into where there are misunderstandings. President Trump seem to view the military exercises having no value, “we haven't given up anything” and as an easy cost-saving measure. Such views are dangerous to American national security, allied national security, and your local first Responders. Individual training is always important, but such training means little if the team does not work right.
Insights from individuals at a staff level would be a nice change of pace. These topics can be very deep but I would also recommend a more streamlined and shorter episode as a way to better educate the public on this important issue. A longer episode though would allow time for some great stories of things going FUBAR .
Personally I wouldn't mind hearing more about network security and digital security. Always found it fascinating, and it's nice to catch up. I was deep into that kind of thing in middle school and high school. But around 2004 I fell out of it when I went to college.
A dedicated nerd episode to NODS/NV devices would be helpful for organization. I understand this topic gets hit on several different modcasts, but it's lots of info in lot's of different places and I'm making notes to bookmark and jump around to specific sections. One good dedicated chunk would be nice.


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Civil disturbance/riot control. I’m in a class right now with a guy who now lives in Utah but retired from London Metropolitan Police and that a traveling road show to get departments up to snuff on this issue. Excellent program.
Another crossover/collaboration. I've been listening to Tactical Tangents podcasts and they seem like solid dudes. Swat/k9 cop and an Air Force pilot. More mindset stuff, not so much tactics on their podcasts.
-Colion Noir
-more Cy Hudson
-"no shit, there we were..." story time
-get home bags/bugout bags/vehicle loadouts
-injury recovery/rehab
-more girl stuff, that was way more interesting than I thought it would be

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I just finished listening to all of the modcast from this year (they make the work day go by faster, so thanks for that). Things I'd like to hear discussed:

Training injuries and recovery.
Reading body language and non-verbal communication, or how to better interrupt threat indicators.
Combat fitness (PatMac Maybe?)
An episode devoted to story time, especially from Jose and Roland/Chuck, those two remind me of several guys I've gotten to work with over the years and I miss the "no shit there I was/this one time at band camp" type stories.
Cross training experience with other countries. I know a lot of our MIL guys have gotten to work with the Danes, Germans, Brits, ect. I'd like to hear about procedural differences and gear related stuff. (I know first hand how bad the L85 and the G36 are).
Gun Nerds episode on modern foreign weapons (carbines, handguns, LMGs, ect)
Gun Nerds episode on heavy weapons. Things that go boom, ect.
Can we do a commie guns episode with dudes who actually served in commie/Russian/Eastern bloc militaries and security services

I would be interested to hear how AKs and those platforms are run, in their native environment and within their military by people who intended to use them, not with parts kits guns in the US or cold war cast offs mismatched stuff used by illiterate "allied" forces
Frequent listener, infrequent visitor to the forum here, I have a somewhat unusual suggestion for a topic.

Citizen militias. Are they totally useless or are they a case of a good concept that's usually just executed really poorly? Can it be done "right"? Can it be a viable strategy for community preparedness and defense in the face of civil unrest or other crisis or will it always degenerate into the stereotypical asshattery we are all familiar with?