Episode Ideas?

Alternate calibers for AR15 and AR10 and how they compare (to 5.56 and .308 respectively) and are they worth it?

6.5 Grendel
.22 Nosler
.224 Valkyrie

.260 Rem
6.5 Creedmoor
.243 Winchester?
Whatever big bird stuff Petra/NEMO are trying to do.
I liked the episode where Chuck talked about H&K and Canipe's blurb about B&T was interesting as well.

Maybe a modcast on European assault rifles in general. Would also be interested in hearing about SAN SWISS guns like the 551, 553, etc.
The importance of large military exercises/ wargames.
The importance of training with allies or other agencies.

Sorry to get a little preachy explaining this but I do not want another Task Force Smith. If an episode is done quickly it can be used gain more eyeballs by using the fallout of President Trump's concession of halting military exercises with South Korea. There a general lack of understanding about the importance of large military exercises regarding force readiness. (Also, disaster response training locally) President Trump’s statements, to put kindly, is set in his ways and is a lost cause on this issue. His statement though gives some insight into where there are misunderstandings. President Trump seem to view the military exercises having no value, “we haven't given up anything” and as an easy cost-saving measure. Such views are dangerous to American national security, allied national security, and your local first Responders. Individual training is always important, but such training means little if the team does not work right.
Insights from individuals at a staff level would be a nice change of pace. These topics can be very deep but I would also recommend a more streamlined and shorter episode as a way to better educate the public on this important issue. A longer episode though would allow time for some great stories of things going FUBAR .