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Eotech Vudu 1-6 first impressions

Discussion in 'Rifles, Optics & Accessories' started by Pat Tarrant, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. Pat Tarrant

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    This is a repost from my P&S bookface post located here (pictures of the reticle in the comments section on the link, as I don't have these images uploaded anywhere yet): https://www.facebook.com/groups/PSPrimarySecondary/permalink/1438474416199054/

    Eotech Vudu 1-6 first impressions:

    I recently purchased an Eotech Vudu 1-6 with the SR-2 reticle from Ike at Big Tex Outdoors. I had a chance to mount it up to my 14.7" carbine and look at it in various lighting conditions as well as a short range visit to zero.

    Out of the box: The scope is just as it is advertised, coming with a bikini cover, throw lever, and good instructions. The reticle I chose was the SR-2, one of the two BDC choice. This reticle has a very large outer ring (familiar to Eotech users), and a smaller circle-dot as a center point on 1x, with BDC marks and horizontal markings for wind. The scope weight is just as advertized, just under 20oz. The build quality seems very good, and the glass looks to be close to the Vortex Razor, though the scope body doesn't quite seem to disappear on the Vudu like it does with the Razor.

    The turrets are 1/2 MOA clicks on the scope I chose. They do not lock, and they are not capped, which is something that I'd have hoped for in a scope of this intended use and price point. We'll see how they work.

    The eye adjustment is typical of most scopes, with a rotating, non-locking adjustments. The zoom ring isn't really a ring, it's the entire body of the rear of the scope. This gives me a little concern over inadvertently adjusting the focus, so I applied a piece of self-cling tape over the back of the scope so I don't have to worry about moving the focus while adjusting zoom.

    Illumination: The Vudu uses a CR2032 battery and the illumination is push button activated. This is something I'll have to get used, but it's nice to just hit a button and have it come on the way it was. With the illumination at maximum, the reticle is noticeably bright in all but the brightest conditions, including low light when tested with my Surefire Scout Ultra bouncing back on glossy white objects like bathroom walls and my water heater. The only time that the reticle appeared black while at max brightness was a VERY bright day at my house in VA, on my south facing deck around noon. I'd say that my deck around noontime gets as bright and hot as any day I've been in Afghanistan (can't speak to Iraq level or Texas bright). In that condition, the reticle did appear black. That said, the outer ring of the reticle is big and bold, and seems to be very quick even while not illuminated. The center circle-dot is very small at 1x, and in dimly lit areas, you need the illumination to see that center dot well. However, in bright lit areas, the center dot appears crisp and noticeable even when not illuminated. I honestly don't think this will be a problem. My only other scope on hand, a Steiner P4Xi, has an incredibly bright center dot that was plainly visible in all conditions, but I don't think will be as fast as the Vudu in practical use. Please see the pictures below in the comments for reticles in various lighting conditions.

    Overall, I'm very happy so far, but I don't have much real use on it yet. The reticle seems very good for CQB out to mid-range, with the skew toward CQB shooting with the Eotech style reticle. I'm not sure that I'd call it a Razor killer, though. It's a few ounces lighter, and I personally like the reticle better than the Razor (totally subjective). The Vudu is also a few hundred dollars less than the Razor, though, at the price point, a few hundred dollars isn't really a deal maker or killer. The Razor has better illumination (though, only the center dot and not the whole reticle) in my limited experience with it, and the glass is maybe a tiny bit better with the amazing phenomenon of having the scope body nearly disappear. I definitely see the Vudu being a direct competitor to the Razor, but it's going to come down to personal preference rather than being clearly a superior scope. I'll be updating as I get more use and hopefully a class under my belt with it in the future.

    Note: The reticle does appear somewhat better lit in real life than it does in the following pictures. I was going to include a low light picture with a white backsplash from my light, but the camera just couldn't take the picture right. The reticle appeared nice and bright even with back splash off of a glossy white water heater.
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  2. Pat,
    What's your intent with this scope...work/duty? Training/range gun? One of the home protection fleet?

    I think think that for many, the place where these optics has something to prove is the reliability/robustness. A good tracking/ladder drill with return to zero confirmation might be neat to see if you have the means to do so.
  3. Pat Tarrant

    Pat Tarrant Custom testicles

    This is going on a general purpose gun. I have two ARs set up for HD use, and my "duty" location is a desk. It can pull duty as a backup HD gun, training, and all the rest, as well, if the optic proves reasonably robust. Yeti has one on oNE of his class guns, so he'll probably be a better source of robustness, at least on his scope. Unless a department or other agency pics these up, I don't think we will see a ton out there. Theres just no features or combination of features that put it difinitively ahead of its competition, other than maybe the reticle, and that's subjective.

    I'm not too concerned with tracking, as I don't plan on dialing for anything, so as long as zero holds, I'm good. Sadly, I have nothing more than a 100 yard range handy. I may try a reduced scale ladder, but I can't test the BDC.
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    Do the turrets have a zero stop? How hard is it to adjust the turrets since they do not lock?
  5. Pat Tarrant

    Pat Tarrant Custom testicles

    No zero stop and no locking turrets. I'm pretty disappointed that it doesn't have locking or capped turrets for my use. I guess for a 3-gun type environment it'd be fine, but for a defensive use gun, I'd prefer one or the other.

    They don't spin too easily, but they aren't so hard to turn that they couldn't possibly be bumped. Like others with the Eotech style reticles, that's the main attraction. Even in low light (as written in my recent FoP AAR), without illumination and just backlit by my weaponlight, or in dusk conditions where the white light isn't needed yet, the bold reticle really works well. It's also very fast on target transitions. I'm not sure that the reticle is enough to make up for it's issues compared to the Razor II, T5Xi, or even Mk6, but it is a very nice reticle, and if they could just change the design a little here and a little there, even at extra cost, I think it'd be worth it.
  6. Pat Tarrant

    Pat Tarrant Custom testicles

    Follow up with info that I gathered at Friends of Pat. I got to shoot Doc Spears' intermediate range carbine and Jared Reston's Advanced Carbine blocks.

    Intermediate Range (appx 50 rounds at most): We shot from 0-300 yards on 1/4 and full size steel targets, so I didn't generally didn't use maximum zoom (except for 300 yards). The scope performed very well, and it didn't keep me from getting first round hits. As I was using a point blank aiming method (the class was set up to teach red dots, not reticles with mils/BDCs), I didn't utilize the built in BDC. Regardless, at 300 yards, the targets looked very clear, details were easy to pick out. The lighting was very good, which didn't hurt.

    Advanced Carbine (appx 200 rounds): So, this was a great test for the optic and I. all shooting was done from 3-15 yards in early evening and night. Battery life kicked me hard here, as the illumination wouldn't turn on and I left my spares in the hotel (reorganizing stuff to address the mental shortfall). Good news though, the Vudu's reticle was big and bold enough to use in darkening conditions, even without my light on. Once dark really hit and I needed the light for target ID and engagement, the reticle was even easier to see. The big outer ring really made fast shots up close easy. There was a little bit of fish-eye at 1x, but not all that big of a deal, and I had absolutely zero issues with transitions from center mass to head shots, and zero issues with multiple target transitions. The scope did not hold me back at all up close. I may have been slightly faster with the illumination on, but it really didn't cause any issues.

    Bottom line so far: This scope needs capped or locking turrets. I didn't have any issue with them moving, but there's no reason for a 1-6 to have exposed, non-lockable turrets. The glass is pretty good, FOV is pretty good, illumination is pretty good. The reticle, to me, is great, and is the winning feature of this scope. If Eotech added lockable or capped turrets, improved the batter life a little, and / or shed an ounce or two from this scope, it'd be a killer at the price. As it, I still stand by my comparative assessment above. The Razor has slightly better glass, better illumination, and better turrets, and is probably more robust, but comes at the cost of increased price, increased weight, and a reticle that's not quite as nice (subjective). I don't see this scope as a Razor killer for CQB, nor a Mk6 killer for SPR use, but it's a nice option to have.

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