Energetic Armament Suppressors


Energetic Armament Suppressors Owned:
Vox S (.30 cal) Dead Air Keymo/.30 cal flash hider end cap
Vox K (.30 cal) Dead Air Keymo/.5.56 cal flash hider end cap
Nyx Mod 2 (.22 cal)
Lux (6.5 cal)
Arx (5.56 cal) Dead Air Keymo/5.56 cal flash hider end cap

This is less a formal or scientific review and more just a introduction and raving rant. Proceed with expectations established. For this post I am going to focus on the Vox suppressors.

I purchased both the Vox cans at the same time. At the time in early 2019, EA was still new and not well heard of. I took a chance because on paper these suppressors checked a lot of boxes, and experience has borne that out. Having met the expectations on paper over time, I of course bought their entire line of suppressors. Now that both Vox cans are good and seasoned and their mounts are long carbon locked on I felt it was time to publish a write up of sorts.

*The following pros/cons relate to both the Vox cans unless otherwise noted*
Light Weight
RTZ is repeatable and consistent
No change in group sizes
Finish has withstood several thousands of rounds (some FA) and several Ultra sonic baths
Replaceable wipes with instructions on where to source material/how to.
Quiet(ish) depending, will discus further on.

Vox S suffered 1 end cap strike, at which point I decided to get the FH end caps, this issue has not reoccurred.
Vox K is flashy on anything 5.56 lighter than 69gr. and shorter than 14.5 (to be expected)
Loud(ish) depending, will discuss further on.

Host gun and ammunition played a significant role in how well these cans suppressed 5.56. The 5 baffle Vox S was much more capable of suppressing 11.5/12.5 especially with the wipe still intact, than the Vox K. If you have experience with a Dead Air Sandman K, the Vox K was slightly better at suppressing a 12.5 sound and flash (see: not that good), but the best configuration balancing weight, length and sound/flash attenuation I have tested, was mounting it on my 14.5 BCM, shooting heavy match grade loads.

In this configuration is just pleasant to shoot. It's quiet enough, it's short enough and its light enough to keep the rifle well balanced and thanks to the reduced back pressure of 3 baffles, it's very light recoiling, producing almost no perceptible gas in my face. The host rifle is a factory 2019 manufactured BCM 14.5 BHF running an A5 RE, Sprinco Green rifle spring and A5-2 buffer, no adjustable gas.

Mounting the Vox S on the same rifle, is the definition of quiet. Possibly the quietest can you've ever heard on a functional length rifle. This is confirmed by the most scientific of anecdotal evidence humanly possible, some friends and I shooting a match and listening/comparing to others.

That's all for now, please accept this post for what it's worth, and go out and test your own stuff to discover what you like/works for you and is repeatable.



Allow me to regale you yet again with a tale, on the EA Nyx Mod 2 this time.

Quiet (really, really quiet)
Light weight 4.15oz
Modular (Can run in 4 or 8 baffle config, 3.7" or 6.5")
Easily disassembled for cleaning
Very durable
Fit/Finish perfect

Sometimes loosens (if I am an idiot and don't add enough anti-seize or don't tighten down the end cap or mount, it sort of starts to loosen)
The threads are so precise and sharp that they will literally slice your fingers as you are installing the end cap, DT mount.

Disassembly is made easy with the included tool, but can be disassembled tool less as well and reassembly is idiot proof, all baffles are identical. TI construction is durable and stands up to harsh solvents.

Cleaning is a breeze, disassemble, drop in a ultra sonic bath with some diluted simple green for 300 seconds, remove and wipe down and reassemble with anti-seize. The sand blasted finish on the tube looks brand new, and the baffles are still shiny.

I have used this on Ruger MkIV, 10/22, RPR, and Charger. This can was literally made to do hoodrat shit with your friends.


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This post will focus on the Lux suppressor, and will be the last update for a while. I don't have enough time behind the Arx to give an impression yet.

Lightweight (7.7 oz w/o mount)
Quiet (18" 5.56 & 18" 6.5CM)
RTZ is perfect
POA/POI shift is minimal
Group size consistent
Fit/Finish perfect

550F maximum rated temperature

The Lux is a lightweight, titanium, precision rifle suppressor that is capable of slow rates of fire from a semi-auto. Given this is a subjective standard, in discussion with the owner this means the suppressor should not exceed 550F, in practical terms for me that's 15-20 rds fired in 90 seconds. I am recalcitrant to include this rating as a con, but inevitably someone will bitch about this. FWIW I understand the role of this suppressor and I am more than pleased with its performance in this category, for the weight it sits at the peak of the market.

Unlike the other EA suppressors, the Lux has a fixed end cap, but still maintains mount compatibility with industry standard mount threads (1.375-24). For this suppressor I selected the Area 419 Hellfire mount for compatibility with the Hellfire brakes I run on my match rifles. The Lux has two caliber options, 6.5mm and .30 cal. Removing the hellfire and installing the suppressor in my opinion doesn't change the balance of the rifle at all. I prefer my rifles to balance right at the point in front of the magwell, the Lux being so light, does not shift the weight forward.

Two words: really, ridiculously quiet. ;)
Shooting it on my 18" Criterion Barreled SPR, not only is it hearing safe, its also not at all gassy. I don't know how EA managed to engineer a suppressor with low back pressure and still be capable of fully suppressing sound and flash, but they did. The rifle is equipped with a SA adjustable GB, however it is neutrally tuned, with an A5 RE, Sprinco Green rifle spring, A5-2 buffer, and full-mass mil-spec BCG.

On my 18" LaRue in 6.5CM, its still quiet, but sharper, and I would still use ear pro for more than a couple shots. Gassier, but not obnoxious.
I have yet to test it on a bolt gun, but given it's performance on my gas guns, I expect it will surpass my experience/expectations.

It's my intent that these posts will serve as a primer to hopefully answer more specific questions some may have. Fire away!