EDC Pistol Training LLC


Serving South Florida from Miami to Naples, EDC Pistol Training provides a comprehensive civilian and off duty LEO centric training program incorporating both unopposed live fire and opposition & scenario based Force on Force inoculation.

Force on Force training utilizes Simunitions/UTM/ShocKnife gear, experienced role players, and scenarios based on actual MDPD case files.

With class sizes limited to 6 students with 2 instructors, we deliver a semi-private training experience that accelerates the learning content, saving time and money.

Training is conducted at:

Homestead Training Center
ALTAIR Regional Training Facility

Courses (please visit our website for details)

Pistol Fighting 1: 1 day dry fire and unopposed live fire covering Manipulation and Marksmanship

Pistol Fighting 2 (Street and Vehicle versions): 1 day unopposed live fire and opposition & scenario based Force on Force Simunitions/UTM training covering Mind Set and Movement

Pistol Fighting BLACK BOX: 1 day high stress Force on Force (may take with unarmed significant other at no cost)

Knife Fighting Series: year long, 2 hour monthly program. Includes knife flows, disarm techniques against knife, stick, and pistol, and Force on Force with ShocKnife and UTM pistols.

Urban Rifle Fighting 1 & 2: modeled on Pistol Fighting series.

Care Under Fire 1 & 2: TCCC modeled on Pistol Fighting series.

Unarmed Care Under Fire 1: TCCC for your loved ones who choose to go unarmed.
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