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Discussion in 'NVG, Lights, & Lasers' started by MooSE, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. IkeInTexas

    IkeInTexas Regular Member Vendor

    I use the clips on a G2X, P2X and P3X. You have to go pretty much full retard for them to screw up the threads. Surefire threads are pretty tough as it is.

    Once it's on there you never have to mess with it again so I'm having a hard time understanding how they're tearing up the threads.

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  2. I'm really impressed with this SL protac 1L-AA as an EDC light. It's my first dual fuel flashlight and my first programmable. I was skeptical about the value of that feature, but it is quick and simple to alternate between modes. In my world I don't have need for strobe, but switching between high beam only and low/high is a nice option. The protected clicky cap has not led to pocket activation while seated like some of my other clicky cap pocket lights. Time will tell on the two-way pocket clip, but so far so good. It's listed at 350 lumens and I believe it. Nice spill and spot. For $50 and change it's a win. Nice job SL.
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  3. avtech850

    avtech850 Amateur

    Kinda figured it was because of people going full retard. Thanks for confirming it.
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  4. voodoo_man

    voodoo_man Regular Member

    Added this synergy360 light to my patrol edc.

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  5. BadMaster

    BadMaster Newbie

    Okay I googled it and now I'm curious. How do you use it for patrol. The website wasn't that specific, it seems like it emits light from all four sides with various modes and stuff but when would you use this and not a normal flashlight? Thanks
  6. voodoo_man

    voodoo_man Regular Member

    Not a normal flashlight, not to be used like a normal flashlight.

    It's a "tactical throw light" So it has a few modes you have to figure out how to use properly and once you do, you can use it to throw into a dark room you want to light up and/or going to enter. It'll turn on or turn on before you throw it into the room. Orientation doesn't matter as it senses which side it up and pushes light to that side. It is pretty bright and functional for that application.

    I use it for vehicle stops in low/no light situations. It has a "vehicle stop windshield" mode or something like that. Meaning you set it to only use the LED's on one side, when you walk up you put the light down on the top of the windshield in front of the driver. Conduct your investigation, then take it with you. It works really well for this type of application, as there is nothing else that solves this problem out there. Standing there with a flashlight in your hand sucks and guys use the armpit method but it's still a one direction beam at any given moment...
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  7. Kain

    Kain Newbie

    My EDC for the past year plus has been a Surefire/Vtac L4U. For anyone who isn't up on those it is an E2D but with a Scout light head so single output. I don't want the multiple outputs, kind of the thought that under stress I don't want all my lumens and end up going to low output, one of the reasons I don't like the TLR1Ss on my guns. I have broken one clip and not being able to just order extra clips from Surefire or others sucks, but SF will send you replacements for free, but plan on waiting a couple weeks, and you may not get the right sized clips. I'm also not running a weapon light, YET, on my EDC Glock 19. So that is also driving opinion/need/want for single output carry light. Also has the added bonus I can swap heads with my M600s if I have the desire to, so when upgrade time comes....

    Also have a Surefire Titan on my keychain, use this as the justification that I don't need low output on my pocket light. Will give props to it for actually having survived, for the most part, being on my keychain for two years and still working which is better than the previous 2 or 3 other lights that I have had.

    On the of lights that I EDC'd for a time and died quick and painful deaths, several Streamlight Stylus lights, a Nano, and several no name brand lights that were free, probably for a reason. Also used to try to EDC a G2X, great light, sucks to carry in a pocket, at least for me. but they take kicking, literally, and keep on ticking.

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