Eastern Iowa here....

Chad H/BC520

10-32 Solutions
I'm a couple hours from the northeast Iowa corner, but it'd be good to know anything you co-host for those of us across the river.

Chad H/BC520

10-32 Solutions
Romper, if you want, post the Victory First classes and if you have Controlled Chaos or other stuff in the main Central part of the subforum. Any upcoming training events would be good to know.
Thanks Chad, not involved with CCA anymore. As far as Classes being hosted at the Polk County Sheriff's Office;

Matt Jacques of Victory First - 16-17, May 2015 Fundamentals of Concealed Carry, and 18-19, May 2015 Fighting From Concealment

Pat Rogers of EAG Tactical 14-15, September 2015 Pistol 2 and 16-17, September 2015 Carbine 1

All classes are open to LEO/MIL/CIV

Eastern Iowa (Quad Cities area) guy here. I have quite a bit of private property to shoot on and co-host several events throughout the year.
Got any classes going on this year? I'm up by Dubuque until maybe summer / fall this year. I compete in the local IDPA and USPSA there at the Izaak Walton range.
I’m about to move my family down to Mississippi but we have IDPA and uspsa at the dubuque Izaak Walton league if you’re interested. I have been trying to get some classes out to the range but never made much headway. I’m the club secretary.