Duty Magazine Pouch recommendations


I tried to search the forum to no avail! I'm looking for recommendations for a (open top) double pistol and single rifle magazine pouch that can be carried on a belt while on duty as a newly qualified LEO! I was looking at Esstac and High Speed Gear but I'd appreciate others insight before purchasing anything!
I'm currently using all Esstac for magazine pouches.

I switched from HSG to Esstac a couple years ago.

The HSG is difficult to re-index magazines into. I found myself catching feed lips on the plastic side pieces of the Tacos constantly.

I'm a big fan of the mid-height Kiwi's from esstac.

Aside from pants pockets I don't have any experience with other open top magazine pouches.


Can't speak for SA protocol over there, but...

Pro Tip: If any of ya are like me and a) are maxed out on belt real estate because of a svelt physique, too much other mandated crap, or lack of ability to carry things on your vest and/or b) you work for an agency that doesn't want an AR mag on your daily-wear patrol belt here's an thought:

A SOF-T Tq fits great in the blue force gear 10-speed AR shingle for the belt. Carry the TQ in there until its time to slide in that AR mag when you deploy rifle and stash the TQ in your cargo pocket rather than the spare mag.


I have both ESTAC KIWIs and HSGI Tacos. I like the TACOS better because the magazines I use for one of my handguns (an FNS-9) are metal and the overinsertion stop stamped into the magazine body scrapes the KIWI's kydex insert so that insertion/reinsertion is more difficult than I'd like. This is just a data point from a guy who is just starting to take more tactical-oriented shooting classes.


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Esstac. I ditched most of my TACOs and haven’t looked back. TACOs have durability problems (that they once didn’t have).


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Esstac gap double pistol kywi. Rugged and secure. I've used them for the last couple of years for K9, patrol, SRT, etc. Highly recommended and Esstac is good people that back a good product.



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I posted this on FB but reposted it here as well

What does your agency policy say as far as finish etc. on your gun belt? Does the agency authorize spare rifle mags on a belt? That is where I would start. If you don't have an agency yet, I would wait until you are actually employed to see what they issue you.

With that said, my usual answer to this is Safariland 79 or 079 for pistol and the 774 for rifle.
If you can find it, the model 74 combines pistol and rifle all in one. The pistol is piggybacked onto the rifle pouch.


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I'll post the same thing I posted on the Facebook page:

Is basketweave required or can you get away with plain black?
Zero9 makes a very good 2 and 3 mag pouch for duty belt carry. They can do a basketweave mold or plain black.
I used to be a HSGI Taco fan for my outer vest but switched to Esstac Kywis with the black nylon cover. If you aren’t running a variety of mags, skip the Tacos.

To add: Running a duty belt, space is a premium. I'd go with a bullets facing out design like Safariland or Zero9 makes.
Since you're a newly "qualified" LEO, get through hiring and FTO before you really get deep in the weeds with gear. My agency is pretty open to what we run, others are incredibly strict and you will only run what is issued per policy.