Dump pouch Yay or Nay?

Who likes them and who doesn't why or why not? I have been messing around with one a bit, but am not sold on it yet. This is my first line kit (war belt) and I'm trying to trim down what all is on it. What do you guys think?
We are mandated to have them on our belt line by our Unit SOP, (USMC Infantry Rifle Company) Our policy states that they are only to be used for magazine retention and SSE, yet many violate this and tend to try to use it as their big catch all pouch, This can lead to issues, as the Company GySgt, I don't have a issue with guys using it to hold their gloves, inner belts, Eye/ ear pro, Slings to make sure they keep all their shit together, but one they are jocked up then the pouch has to be empty so it can receive empty mags. Part of the reason for this for me is that since we spend much more time running downrange, getting into the prone and then bounding forward and such that I will see a trail of empty mags and personal bits from guys with a dumper filled with bullshit, ain't no one got time for policing up all that stuff, but the guys who start out with a empty pouch tend not to lose their mags to the range monster. As much as I want to think big Marine Corps will get replacement mags to us again in combat, my experience has been that it will take some time for them to show up so you have what you have brought ashore with you. With our renewed emphasis on distributed operations and amphibious landings we are becoming very conscious of weight and logistics shortfalls...… ( well some of us anyways) SWAT and DA guys have a different perspective I would think, as a lost empty will just be replaced before the next mission or hit in the rear. On my personal rigs I use for classes and training I have them installed and use them to bring extra stuff to the line and find them highly useful as a catch all pouch, but I'm not nearly running around as much in those classes as I am for light Infantry shit. My "greenside/ tree line" rig is more a Belt kit style rig ( as close to brit style PLCE as I can get it using Coyote kit) these days anyway and I am using a old school modified SAW drum pouch with a slit and flap cut in the top cover as a dumper behind the two triple mag pouches on my weak side. It is located over my right rear pocket, same location as a dump pouch is normally located.

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Really depends on what you are doing. Remember there is a wide wide audience here. For example I am building a new hunting chest rig and it will feature a dump pouch. It will allow me to silently drop Bino’s, calls, rattles, etc with very minimal movement.

At the same time my work (swat) belt has one. I use that one for mags, throw camera, robot etc. I’ve another one used as a charge bag on my explosive breaching kit. My teaching belt has one. It retains empty mags on the range. I also keep a handful of loose rounds in it to top off mags. Sometimes cans of paint and staplers wind up in there.

I’ve used one dove hunting for shells and I’ve used one clearing land to hold wedges and hammers, rag, TQ etc when running the chainsaw.

So as you can see you need to more narrowly define its use. Mine work great for all those things.

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I can't claim to have anything approaching the credentials of any of the others on here, but I can say that my dump pouch is the part of my kit that gets the most use, even though it has never actually held a magazine. It has served to hold almost everything else I carry at some point or another, whether it is gloves, a raincoat, shed antlers, snacks, an extra pair of socks, a spare canteen, or the garbage I find in the woods. If you made me throw out all but one of the things on my belt that aren't my holster, my dump pouch would be the one I keep.
It seems that everyone is in agreement that the dump pouch is a valuable piece of kit. I am currently using an ATS roll up dump pouch. I have found it useful in general when on the range as a catch all place for things. The only thing I don't care for is how it bounces around when stuff is in it an I run. I may try to modify it to ad a leg tie down much like the T-Rex arms dump pouch has. I think in general I will keep it on my belt since there are other items on there I'm not willing to remove (multi tool, flash light and knife). If down the line a really want a more bare bones belt I will just throw a second gun belt together.
The only thing I don't care for is how it bounces around when stuff is in it an I run. I may try to modify it to ad a leg tie down much like the T-Rex arms dump pouch has.

The thigh strap from TRex was a great idea, and it does mitigate some bouncing around of gear. I was running some drills that involved sprinting yesterday, and before i did them, I made sure I took my stapler outta there cause that sucker is heavy enough that pouch would rattle no matter what.
For little things like mags, lights, snacks...yeah it helps. Either way, I see it as a real solid pouch with lots of options.

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I like to keep Twinkies and cupcakes in mine...

Tac Unit and K9 handler here, I use mine pretty much daily. Long lines, tennis balls, tugs, water for long tracks, etc. when working the dog...when I switch hats to tac team it can see bangs, pry bars, door chocks, seized evidence, etc.

Heck, I’ve even used a knockoff cheapie as a work pouch at home for projects that don’t require my whole tool belt (amateur carpenter). I’ve used it to hold clips for hanging Christmas lights, some hand tools while working on the fence/clearing brush, working on the tractor...

I even have one as part of my SAR/CERT gear to hold caution tape, marking paint, water, whatever gets thrown in to it.

I love these things.

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If you don’t like swinging and bouncing check out the Tyr R37 bag. Pass through belt tunnel or MOLLE. Stiffeners in the right places. Designed to keep dumped mags oriented vertically and prevents them from jamming sideways at the bottom. True one hand operation. Rolls up. Stays open when you want it and closed when you don’t. It’s the king of all dump pouches as far as I’m concerned and I’ve tried them all. Tactical tailor (two models), 5.11, Blackhawk, Blue force gear, HSGI, to name a few. It won’t swing due to the wide belt interface and material.


CSM gear mini and the Direct Action dump pouches are my favorites. The CSM gear hung below the belt and didn't interfere with anything. The Direct Action pouch allows you to place pouches inside of it, attach to molle belts or just run a belt through it. And it folds up to about the size of a deck of cards.