Drill of the Month Rules

Matt Landfair

Matt Six Actual
Staff member
Ok - its official- drill of the month starts now.

Here are the rules- a drill will be posted and participants are encouraged to take a picture of their best target(s) with legible timer to post and share. The drill month ends on the last day of the month, entries will not be accepted after that.

Highest score with time wins. If scores tie, time is the tie breaker. If the leader gets dethroned, they may submit another entry.

To qualify for the monthly drawing and/or monthly winnings (for highest score/shortest time) you must be a P&S Patreon Network Support 1 member and supply your best one video documenting the target pre and post shoot with time in one take and beat the standard provided. The winner of the monthly drill will then choose the next drill and establish the standards to beat with their video (set up just like an entry video). Repeating drills are acceptable month to month if needed.
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