Dr. Cornwallis Fairly Good Training Journal and Stuff


- Back Squat: 210x3, 240x3, 270x10
- Overhead Press: 110x3, 125x3, 140x11
- 3x1 min max pull-ups/1 min rest
- 3x10 Ab Roller (1 min rest between sets)

Rest 5 min then:

Team WOD

- 1 mile Run
- Rest 3 min

3 Rounds, 2 min at each Station, 30 sec rest between stations.

1. Tire Flip (I flip, you flip)
2. 8 KBS (90lb KB) 6 reverse burpee (1 person does KB swing while other does burpees)
3. 5 K2E, 5 Wall Ball (1 person does Wall ball whole other does K2E)

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- Dead Lift: 255x3, 290x3, 330x14

-Bench Press 160x3
- 1 min max pull-ups
- 1 min rest
- Bench Press 185x3
- 1 min max pull-ups
- 1 min rest
- Bench Press 205x10
- 1 min Max pull-ups

3 Rounds (1 min rest between exercises)

- 1 min max bent over Row
- 1 min max ring dips

3x10 Ab wheel

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Vortex Razor Gen II Review to come soon.

Initial impressions are very good. I only got to sight it in this evening and spend some dry fire time with it, however, having never shot my SR-15 for groups, the Razor shed some light on the actual accuracy potential of the rifle. The above 5 shot group was shot with a 16” Mod 2 using Hornady 55gr TAP at 100 yards.

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B/C Steel at 50 yds, Two barricades 25yds apart, 70lb dumb bell between barricades, 100lb sandbag at Target. 10 shots (divided into 5 in 2 mags). Rifle unloaded on ground by dumb bell. Upon buzzer perform 20 reps (10 each arm) DB snatch, retrieve sandbag from berm. Load rifle and proceed to either barricade. Once at barricade shooter will engage target with one hit from kneeling strong side, standing strong side, kneeling weak side, upon all three hits shooter will proceed to next barricade and repeat.

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Gym and Range Day


Until today I have not had the opportunity to run my Razor past 100 yds, so, since I had the rifle range to my self I was able to put in some good time. I started off by verifying my zero on b/c steel at 200, and an 8x8 square plate at 300. Ammo used was MEN brand M193, which in my experience has proven to be hottest, most accurate and well manufactured M193 ammo I’ve ever used.

Not in the video, but I also tested Hornady TAP Urban 55gr VMAX and Hornady TAP 75gr BTHP. For all three rounds, at 300 yd the BDC was dead on, which is to be expected as the trajectories have negligible differences at 300.

The glass on the Razor 1-6 is truly amazing. At 300 yds I can watch rounds impact. If I wasn’t already a believer in the LPV before, I would be now. Now only am I able to achieve a first round hit nearly 100% of the time at 300 yd , I’m able to identify what a target is at 300 yd. The optic is every bit as fast at 1x as my Aimpoint and it’s an infinitely more useful optic past 50 yds.

With a 16” KAC SR-15 and Razor 1-6, I have a rifle that effectively fills the role of two, both the SPR and the “general purpose” carbine. The setup has the accuracy and ability to PID of an SPR with the weight and close range versatility of a GP carbine.

Super Set It Off
I modified Pat McNamara’s “Set it Off” by moving the steel out to 200m and starting the drill with a 200m sprint. The range has a 180 rule with loaded rifles so, I opted to just leave the rifle at the firing line.

Working a VTAC Barricade @25 yd. All hits were -0. I wanted to run this drill out a little farther but both the longer ranges I typically use were tied up with old people shooting steel silhouette matches with some sort of weird gun, had like a circle thing on it that spun with bullets inside.

VTAC 2x2x2 @25 yd.

Grid of Fire (Pat McNamara)

3Rx3. Something I came up with, cones at 10, 15, 25. Shooter starts at 25. 3 mags of three rounds each. Shooter fires three shots at each distance and reloads. Misses are a 60 second penalty.

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