Dr. Cornwallis Fairly Good Training Journal and Stuff

I thought I'd start this thread as not only a way to track my progress as a shooter, but to create a thread where folks can comment and share ideas and insight on not only firearms training and tactics, but mindset, physical fitness and other aspects related to the first responder field and general preparedness.

A little about my self:

I'm a career Firefighter for a large department which encompasses both urban, suburban and rural areas of one of the largest counties in the state of Florida. I have a little over three years experience, two as a volunteer before being hired and I just finished my rookie year a few months ago as a career Firefighter.

Prior to becoming a Firefighter I coached Crossfit full time. I currently coach on a part time basis during my time off. The gym I work at is a top notch facility, one of the original Crossfit gyms in the area that has stayed true to the original roots of "Crossfit." Great staff, great clients and great programming.

I've been a shooter my whole life but like many, I didn't really get serious about things until later on. Thanks to this board as well as a few other good ones along the way, I've been exposed to an enormous amount of professional knowledge that has really helped me grow and develop as a shooter.

I currently practice dry fire and weapon manipulation several times a week, I typically make it to a range for live fire about twice a month and spend between four and six days a week in the gym depending on work load and how I feel. I would like to make it to the range at least once a week, however, the only real suitable facility is two hours away on the other side of the state. One of my two trips to the range is the month CFDCC 2 Gun match.

I currently carry and compete with a Gen 4 Glock 19 with 10-8 night sights, .125 front, .156 rear. Carry is AIWB in a CCC Shaggy with the leather comfort pad, spare mag weak side AIWB in a JM Custom Kydex mag pouch. When shooting 2 Gun I carry the G19 on a First Spear Low Profile AGB Sleeve with two pistol tacos, two rifle tacos and a TT roll up dump pouch.

Long gun is a KAC SR-15 Mod 2 w/ T2.

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30 min dry fire practice. Started with pistol draws from the angry belt, reloads and then moved on to rifle stuff. Practiced transitions, reloads, sling work and weak side manipulations.

Finished with draws and dry fire from my concealment setup.


Barbell Hypertrophy Work

- Squat warmup

- 3x10 Back Squat @ 225 (65% 1 RM)
(2 min rest between sets)

- 3x50 GHD sit-ups (minimal rest)

- 3x10 Overhead Press @ 125 (65% 1RM)
- 3x10 BW pull-ups (done between sets of presses)

- 3x10 BW ring dips
- 3x10 bent over rows @ 135 (done between sets of dips)

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AM: Gym

Dirty Thirty (for time)

- 30 Sled Pushes (sled +90 lbs)
- 30 K2E
- 30 Sand bag carries ( 90 lb bag)
- 30 Push Press (135 lbs)
- 30 Pull-Ups
- 30 Box Jumps
- 30 KB Swings (32kg)


Monthly CFDCC 2 Gun match

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Gym (Strength)


- Back Squat 215x3, 250x3, 280x13
- GHD Sit-ups 4x30
- Overhead Press 125x3, 135x3, 155x7
- Chin Up 3x10 (BW)
- Push-ups 5x25

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Gym (Strength)

- Dynamic Warmup
- Dead Lift 290x3, 335x3, 375x3
- Leg lifts 5x10 (Hanging from bar)
- Bench Press 180x3, 205x3, 230x7
- Bent over Row 5x10 @135

Wanted to do some dry fire in the AM but had to get out of the house to take care of some stuff for paramedic school and get caught up on some errands. I'm free all day tomorrow so I'll get caught up on weapon manipulation and dry fire in the AM and then do some conditioning work in the evening.

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Gym: Spice MAF (Short maximal effort work immediately followed by a MAF workout, 40 min keeping heart rate @ 180-age)

- 5 min time cap, BW Back squat for 30 reps in as few sets as possible. (225x20, 225x5, 225x5, 4:45)


Max rounds for time:

- 10 GHD sit-ups
- 5 Ring dips
- 10 KB Swings (53lb)
- 800m run

6 rounds completed


Dry Fire (3x5 index card at 10 yds)

- Handgun drills with concealment setup
- Draw and dry fire from standing
- Draw and dry fire from various positions
- Reloads

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PM: Gym (Strength)

- Squat warmup (7x2) mixed with pull-up practice (3x10 BW hollow rock pull-ups)
- Back Squat 230x5, 265x3, 295x2
- GHD Sit-ups 50, 40, 30
- Overhead Press 115x5, 130x3, 165x7
- Bent Over Row (hands supinate) 3 sets @155x10

Squats were garbage, we had a long night at work and I also feel like I wasn't fully recovered from the max effort work done on Thursday. Going to take Sat/Sun off.

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AM: Dry Fire

Did some dry fire practice on the 3x5 card.

Concealment Work:

- 20x Draws from concealment
- 10x reloads from concealment

Rifle and Pistol Work (OWB):

- 20x Low ready to first shot
- 20x reload
- 5x transitions
- Improvised shooting positions and weak side manipulation work.

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PM: Gym (Strength)

- Deadlift warmup (3x5)
- Deadlift 315x5, 355x3, 395x12
- Bench Press warmup (3x5)
- Bench Press 195x5, 220x3, 245x7
- Bent over rows (hands pronated) 3 sets of 10 @ 155 done between working sets of bench
- 3x10 Hollow Rock Chin-ups done w/ 3x10 Ring Dips
- 2x5 each side Turkish Getup w/ 35lb KB

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PM: Gym (MAF Workout) 45 min

- 800m Run
- 2 Thai Hooker/sled pulls
- 5 box jumps (30in box)
- 5 Knees to Elbows
- 5 Wall Balls (20 lb ball)

6 rds completed

A Thai hooker sled pull is done as follows: place a 100lb sandbag (Thai hooker) beside a sled. Take (2) 50ft sections of rope and tie one to each end of the sled. Stretch out one section of rope. Pick up and shoulder your hooker, walking it to the end of the rope you stretched out. Place hooker on ground and pull sled to you. Pick hooker back up and walk it to the opposite end where you started, place hooker on ground. Each length = 1 rep. If it gets easy add weight to the sled, get a bigger hooker or both.

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AM: Gym (Hypertrophy)

- Squat warmup
- Front squat 3x10@ 185 lb
- Bench press 3x10 @ 185 lb
- Ring pull-ups 3x10
- Overhead Press 3x10 @ 95lb
- Bent over rows (hands supinated) 3x10 @ 135 lb
- Ring Dips 3x10

Dry Fire Practice (Concealment work)
- 20x draw
- 20x reloads

PM: Gym (MAF workout, 45 min)
- Row 800m
- 5 Pull-ups
- 10 GHD sit-ups
- 20 push-ups

7 rds completed.

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PM: Gym (MAF Workout, 45min)

- 4 sled pushed (sled +90lbs)
- 5 KB swing ( 73lb KB)
- 5 K2E
- 5 Wall Ball (20lb ball)
- 5 box jump (36in box)
- 5 Sandbag Carry (100lb bag)
- 4 Turkish Getups (35lb KB)

7 rds completed.

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A good read on the advantages of MAF training. For many in the first responder world, this is an excellent thing to add into our training. A call can be anything from a 15min call involving no physical activity at all to a day or even multi day disaster.

In my line of work, this training most closely resembles the sort of work one would encounter on a fire, both structure or brush.


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PM: Gym (strength)

- Squat warmup 5x3
- Back Squat 205x5, 240x5, 270x15

- Bench Warmup 5x3
- Hollow rock pull-ups (5x10 BW)

- Bench Press 170x5, 195x5, 220x9
- Bent Over Rows (hands supine) 5x10 @135

- Ring Dips 5x10 BW
- Sit-ups 50, 25, 25

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AM: Dry Fire. Target is 3x5 index card at 15 yards for all drills.

Comp Setup:
- 15x Pistol Draws
- 15x Pistol Reloads
- 15x Rifle Reloads
- 10x Strong side to weak side manipulations

Concealment Setup (AIWB):
- 15x Draws
- 15x reloads

PM: Gym (Conditioning)
- Row 5k (18:34)

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I just finished reading Pat McNamara's "Sentinel" and found it to be a good, informative book that was quick to read and easy to understand. It even had pictures! Some of the the content was stuff I already knew, some of it was stuff I had never thought about and some of it expanded a little on stuff I already knew/did. The whole book was very informative but I found the mission planning and disaster planning part pretty good.

I also really like his emphasis on getting fit. I'm a huge proponent of strength training and feel everyone should do it. Being strong makes you hard to kill, and being hard to kill is good for you and your loved ones and bad for the enemy. There are a lot of things that I am able to do in every day life that I wouldn't be able to do if I wasn't fit. In the event of a serious emergency, physical fitness could be the difference between life and death.

On the topic of disaster planning, I thought I'd share some of the key parts of mine...

Living on the west coast of Florida, I feel it's pretty important to have an exit strategy as shit hitting the fan can come several times a year in the form of hurricanes, in addition to other general fuckery.

Our house is not far from the coast either, so in the event of a nasty hurricane, I absolutely plan on cleaning out the fridge, boarding up and getting out of town to go stay with family. I live in an urban area not far from down town with lots of "diverse" population. In the event the power is out for an extended period of time, I'm not naive as to what things are likely to look like.

I know these days a lot of people live in one town and work in another, and I'm no exception. My duty station is 30 miles from my home in another county. Every route home requires I take a bridge of some sort, whether small or large, and I'm gone for 24 hours at a time, sometimes 48, 72 or even longer if disaster hits.

In the event I have to get home from work; either before, during or after a disaster ( weather natural or man made ) and then evacuate to a safer location; I have developed a contingency plan to make things go as smooth as possible.

- At home in a readily accessible location I have everything my girlfriend and I need for seven days of travel/camping pre packaged into tuff boxes that can be loaded into the truck in around fifteen minutes. We do a lot of backpacking so this fits into our lifestyle really well and allows us to worry less and get out of the house quicker when we want to go on a trip with short notice. In the same set of boxes I have all associated ammunition and related gear.

- I keep in my truck 24/7 a well equipped medical jump bag as well as a Kelty MAP 3500 which serves as my 72 hour pack. This pack is grey so as to not appear "tactical." It contains everything I need for 72 hours in or out of my vehicle.

- I never let my gas tank go below 3/4 on a daily basis and the night before I leave for work, I always brim the tank. It's a weird OCD thing of mine but, the couple extra gallons of gas I can squeeze in by brimming the tank gives me an extra sixty ish or so miles. That's potentially sixty ish less miles I may have to walk on foot, which is also sixty ish less miles of having to listen to the gf complain about me failing to plan.

- I have primary, alternate, contingency and emergency routes home from work, and the same from home to pre determined safe locations. I've also driven all of these routes several times so as to commit them memory.

- In the event I have to walk, I always have a comfortable, functional and weather/seasonally appropriate change of clothes with me. For me this is a set of Saloman XAPRO 3D, Kuhl Revolver Pants, Columbia PFG shirt and ArcTeryx Beta hardshell. Colors are neither obnoxious hippy colors, nor phaggy shoot me first tactical colors.

- I also always keep a regular change of clothes with me as I never leave work in uniform.

- I established primary, contingency and emergency means of communication with the gf. In the event she has to evacuate before I can get home, she knows what to do, what to grab and where to meet.

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PM: Gym (Strength)

- DL Warmup 135x5, 135x5, 135x5, 225x3, 235x3
- GHD Sit-ups 50, 50, 25, 25, 25, 25

- DL 275x5, 320x5, 365x18

- OH Press Warmup 95x5, 95x5, 95x5
- Hollow Rock Chin-ups 5x10 (BW)

- OH Press 115x5, 130x5, 150x8

- Ring Dips 1x17 (BW to failure)

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PM: Gym (MAF, 40min)

- 800m Run
- 2 Thai Hooker Sled Pulls
- 4 Turkish Get ups
- 6 KB snatches (53lb KB)
- 8 Box Jumps (30in box )

4 rds completed.

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