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Discussion in 'Medical Equipment' started by Dave_Thomas, Jun 29, 2017.

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    I've seen a few topics regarding what kind of kit, what should be in it, where should I buy it, etc.

    So, as this is an area I have some limited experience in, I put together a basic list of what I would start with for an "Immediate Need" IFAK. One of the biggest drawback I have identified with regards to a pre-fabbed kit is that you'll buy an "80 piece" kit, and get 35 band-aids, 10 packets of aspirin, and 5 blister relief packets.

    I've built an extended version of this kit to have near my shooting bag, in addition to the Dark Angle Medical DARK I have on my kit. (I call it my OFUK).

    Primary Items

    (2) CAT Tourniquets
    (2) Israeli Battle Dressings/ABDs
    (2) QuikClot Combat gauze
    (1) Elastic Bandage (Ace Wrap or similar)
    (1) pair of Trauma/Utility Shears
    (2) Triangular bandages/Cravats

    Suggested Items

    Medical Tape
    Additional Israeli Battle Dressings/ABDs (My OFUK has 4 total)
    Bandaids (never hurts to have some knuckle/1" finger bandaids of the fabric variety)
    Burn ointment
    Permanent Marker

    For a basic "Oh Shit" kit, this is what I would consider a damn good start. "Heavier" (read: higher level of training) kits can have additional items: NPA, IV fluids, NCD, etc.

    I like to snag whatever pouch/bag works best. I know I'll get a little ribbing for it, but the OFUK I have is in a Condor tear-Away EMT pouch. The advice I give everyone who asks me is to settle on what they will want to carry, and get an idea then of what size pouch/pack they will need.

    Please add any suggestions as you see fit.

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    IFAKs come in multiple flavors, and I think we tend to lose focus from the word "Individual" when we're packing an IFAK. It should be the minimum equipment needed to provide a lifesaving intervention for the most common life threats you'll encounter. If we're talking tactical, the most common causes of preventable death on the battlefield are:

    Uncontrolled extremity hemorrhage
    Unprotected airway
    Tension pneumothorax

    I have two dedicated pouches; my IFAK (ATS rip off) contains some more combat gauze, an OLAES, a pair of Hyfins, tape, an NPA, eye shield, two ARS darts, triage card, mini blue Sharpie, yada yada. I have a bleeder pouch (Eagle double M4 pouch) on the front right cummerbund of my PC that has two 4" NAR ETDs, and I have two CATs on my PC that I can access in addition to one in the left shoulder pocket on my combat shirt.

    I look at it as a scaled system. You can have an all-in-one pouch, but given how invasive something like an NPA or needle thoracotomy is, that's realistically reserved for buddy aid or for a medic getting hands on to do his thing. I keep that equipment in my IFAK. My bleeder pouch can be used by myself, but I honestly believe self aid is limited to a TQ and movement to cover/stop the threat. I can access every TQ on my kit myself, and all 3 are configured for self aid to an upper extremity.

    Which leads to the point that your current equipment is pretty solid for an "I"FAK. If needed, the packaging plus some tape will make you an occlusive dressing. For an aid bag, it really depends on your environment and the size of the element you're working in. Will this be for a tactical/small unit or for general preparedness? Both are dramatically different, and my Jeep's aid bag more closely follows my approach working street EMS and my RATS pack is for TEMS. Packing lists reflect this, as I'm more likely to need TQs, darts, and King's in TEMS than I am helping a diabetic who Done Fell Out in Wal Mart.
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    Please don't forget gloves. Dealing with your own bodily fluids is one thing, dealing with someone else's is a whole other thing.
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    I have 3 of these with an Israeli Bandage in the front pouch, one in my daily carry laptop bag, one in my car, one on my competition/SHTFantasy belt. Also in my shooting gear I have a toriquet and additional Israeli Bandage.

    IDK its not alot of expensive gear, but the extent of my training is a boyscout merit badge for first Aide and a Red cross first aid course so I got gear taht I can use with what I know
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    I prefer to pack my own Class 8, I refer to my kit as a MARCH (Massive hemorrhage, Airway, Respiration, Circulation, and Hypothermia) kit. I found that the Maxpedition 5"x7" hook and loop pouch is pretty handy for carrying what i need for my son and I for serious trauma. My 2 SOF-T-Wides have their own pouches. Included are 1ea adult and Ped's NPA, 1ea HALO chest seal, 1ea adult and Ped's NCD 2ea, Combat Gauze, 2ea Cleer Medical trauma bandages, and an emergency blanket.

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