DG Switch Cross-Compatibility


I figured it would be nice to compile a list of guns that can be used with DG switches that weren't designed for them.

H&K P30/P30L: DG-11
H&K VP9: DG-13, DG-20

Here are my P30LSes with the DG-11:

Here is a VP9 with the DG-13:

Here is the VP9 with the DG-20:


Any issues with mag release and Dg switch?
Not for the P30/P30L series, nor the VP series, as the mag release does not go under the trigger guard. Attempts to use DG switches with the P2000 had issues with the mag release; IIRC, the original USP DG switches also had mag release issues, and Surefire had to redesign them to accommodate for the magazine release.


DG-11 for the HK45.

DG-16 (Beretta 92FS/96FS using the MR11) for the HK45 is also an option:



Has anyone ever tried bending the cable on a DG switch? It's been a while since I've handled one. I'd like to get one for my sig X5, but don't want to spend money on a dead end.

I tried emailing surefire (they said they don't make one that fits, and won't offer advice on modification), and wilson combat said that all they can offer is if their grip doesn't fit, they'll refund a purchase on their grip. Sig never got back to me.