This class was flat out awesome. When they say that the class goes one despite weather conditions, they aren’t kidding. Sim so glad I brought boots to this event.
I’m not new to the hun world but I also never had a training session that last more than a couple of hours. I decided to take this class and see what I can learn. I’ve felt confident using a pistol but I wanted to see how competent I was with a carbine. For me, it was a smooth transition. Mike and his crew welcomed everyone and gave use a orientation as we were getting ready. I liked that since it maximizes time.
With a carbine I’d only shot at a range and had limited knowledge on zero offsets, malfunctions, different types of reloads, or the proper mechanics of shooting. By the end of class, I felt more confident. I knew that I had much to learn still.
With the instructors, Mike, Hunter, & Rowdy were great. They were friendly and professionals. They provided structured feedback and tips on how to improve. I liked how they weren’t all talk but actually ran the drill with you to show that it is possible.
I will definitely be taking another class with them in the future.