Dawson Precision MOS sights with CHPWS Plate

Only been shooting handguns for two years. Got great value out of M&Ps for learning, but I've been Glock-curious for a while now, so I pulled the trigger on a gen 5 19 MOS so i can start living that dot life.

Looking at Dawson Precision supressor height vs MOS sights. I plan on going with an RMR on a CHWPS mounting plate, but from what I've seen, an RMR on a CHWPS plate will sit slightly lower than one on a MOS and sealing plate.

Are the Dawson MOS sights still the correct choice for this application? Does anyone have any experience with this setup?
I measured my CHWPS plate compared to an MOS plate and they were the exact same thickness. I believe the only difference is not using the sealing plate which is so thin it won’t make any noticeable difference in a sight picture. I am using the standard Dawson RMR MOS sights and they work fine. Like the other guy said I believe the ameriglos are alittle shorter and lower profile but when shooting the red dot I never notice the back up sights in my peripheral anyways

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