DARC LECTC 10/2011

Matt Landfair

Matt Six Actual
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AAR - Direct Action Resource Center: Law Enforcement Counter Terrorism Course 10/16-22/2011

I attended the October Law Enforcement Counter Terrorism Course at DARC in Arkansas. The facility itself is impressive. The shoot house area where we worked is somewhat modular and allows the building to change for different angles and intersections. The village is a whole different area, with its own problems and challenges.

The first day we dropped off our gear and toured the area where we were going to work.
Our first actual work day began with everyone being assigned a number and a team. Richard Mason (Primary Instructor) discussed CQB theories and techniques. He explained what we should do and why we should do it. After classroom instruction we went to the shoot house for hands on application of the new techniques.

I found my team (blue) to be a group of highly motivated professionals. We practiced as much as we could and tried to sneak in additional runs through the shoot house while others were talking or not paying attention.

Once it was dark outside our practical exercises began. Each team of six took a turn in the shoot house expected to move from one end to the other of the shoot house and eliminate opfor as we encounter them. Layman’s terms – move from point A to point B and kill bad guys – easy stuff. It was a bit overwhelming, almost to the point of being scary.

Stress inoculation obviously worked comparing our performances Monday to Saturday. After Friday’s missions we looked back on Monday’s and Tuesday’s missions and laughed at how easy and simple those early missions were compared to the final missions. The final missions consisted of the entire class working in unison towards a common objective. Instructors pointed out our reaction times and accuracy while firing at opfor improved greatly.

Some volunteers, PJs, Combat Controllers, and off-duty cops acted as our opfor.

I learned a lot about light discipline and both day and night shadows. I learned how helpful chem lights are when used properly and how they hurt you if used improperly or if you just aren’t paying attention.

“Shut up and color” was my theme- at least I tried. I stayed focused on my assignment, followed orders, and relied on my teammates. I tried not to overthink or let the good idea fairy visit.

This was angle appreciation week. I learned how to maximize my effectiveness while covering areas of approach or weakness in defense.

When I found out I was going to DARC I began running 2-4 miles several times a week. I hadn’t seriously run since the academy in 1998. I lost about 40 lbs in preparation.

I plan on returning next October. As mentioned by another in another thread: DARC LECTC is the single best course I have ever taken.

I still want a DARC mix tape.

Thank you to Rich, Mark, and Basko for your help.