Custom MantisX rail adapters


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I posted this over on the Facebook P&S - DIY forum, but had at least one request for a custom model so figured I'd bring it up here. (Mods, if there's a more appropriate forum let me know and/or move this; I just looked at the training forums and it didn't really seem appropriate, so figured this was next best place.)

Got tired of not being able to use my MantisX with my non-MantisX-or-anything-else-on-the-rail-holding AIWB holster, so designed and 3D printed this. I'm lazy enough that I might have just bought an adapter from the MantisX website, but as far as I can tell they don't sell one for a full-size M&P; no idea why but whatever, "motivation" right?


For anyone who isn't aware of it, MantisX already makes a bunch of adapters for various magazines. You can order them from here:

However, in my case they didn't have one for the M&P 9/40, so for that and some other reasons I just went and designed/3D printed my own. Although I did mine on my home printer, I ended up putting it up on Shapeways so other people can order it as well should you be in the same boat as I:

Aaaanyway, as a follow-up to the first conversation I had following my FB post, it's not cost-effective for me to make an adapter that MantisX has already made; although I could in theory make one and sell it to you for less than what they are asking, the whole process would be time-consuming and not all that much cheaper given shipping times and costs, my need for the appropriate magazine if I don't already own one, etc etc etc. However, if you need a mag rail adapter for your MantisX, and you cannot find it on their website, shoot me a PM or email or whateveritisyoudoonthisforumtodirectlycontactme and I'd be happy to work with you on beating MantisX to the market with a rail adapter for your specific magazine needs. :D