Crye Precision Six12

Bill Blowers

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It would appear that the only viable reload would be another cylinder already filled up. But now you gotta find a place to store it, and I wonder whether or not shells are captured in any way or if you grab your spare cylinder the wrong way, do all the shells spill out? Regardless, it's a lot of space taken up on the gear fo six shells. Popping the cylinder off, dumping empties, reloading, then putting it back on seems like it would take a ton of time. Giant sized moon clips?


Certified Derpologist
I would also hope that the cylinder is oriented and designed in such a way were it is hard to mess that up... or I could see being similar to a revolver and have a captured cylinder. Moon clips seem like the only quick way to work it if thats the case.

Pat Tarrant

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Do did this die a quiet death? Has there been any further development? I was seeing the suppressed Six12 as a possible HD shotgun contender, acknowledging its limitations.


Somebody make a 40mm grenade version of it and replace the M320... also improve the 40mm grenades lethality while you’re at it
The M32 is already in service. And it works decently if you only have to shoot six rounds. As mentioned before the reload process is slow. If you are shooting 12 rounds a 320 will be faster. I still prefer a stripped down 320 because of the flexibility to easily swap between different 40mm rounds. If you need a parachute flare but your whole cylinder is HEDP you are in a bad spot. This would be the same for the SIX12.