Crye Airlite SPC

First post on here. I just got in a Crye SPC to replace my issued AVS and so far am very impressed with several aspects of the design.

Initial impressions:

Biggest advantage vs the JPC is the sturdiness of the CB, especially when wearing side plates. It's very stiff, but not uncomfortable. No sag. It's also got fantastic 3D mesh padding on the inside of the plate for ventilation and long term wear comfort. Next advantage is that you can mount the CB lower, getting the plate higher on your back. Wasn't a feature I thought I wanted until I tried it. The qd is also improved.

Downsides (vs JPC) are that the cummerbund molle is basically ronin belt difficulty to weave, it lacks a top admin pouch, and it leaves your plate exposed. If I wasn't running a back panel I'd probably be pretty sketched out by that last part.

Is the SPC CB backwards compatible with the JPC? Might be the best of both worlds for those who have issues with the exposed plates on the SPC.


I al so just started to run the SPC after running an APC for a few years. Like CZ said it's good stuff.


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I had thoughts about the airlite till i settled on the Vels LWPC exclusive via OPT. Il post details when i get it up and running (awaiting on opt to restock) as far as the admin panel area, does AXL have something for that?