Crossfire North America


Hey Guys: I am currently the NA rep for Crossfire Australia. That and about 5 bucks will get you a cup of coffee. But anyways I wanted to introduce you guys to a little known Australian rucksack maker. They have a long legacy of making military rucksacks in Oz, including the SAS Mk 6, which was used by their SAS Regt, not to mention every Aussie I've run into so far (incl 22F). So they bring 30+ years of design and mfg to the table. They recently reached out to other markets, including North America (I keep saying that because Canada is definitely included here) and here I am. The genius to their designs is a polymer external frame. If you're like me and have been humping all sorts of ruck designs, incl ALICE and Molle, you will appreciate the fact that someone finally made a frame that well, actually works. And is back-wards compatible with all ALICE/Molle designs. The closest I can get to describing it, before you hump it, is it combines the best of both an external and internal frame. It supports the load, but also flexes to move with you. This seemingly little feature is the reason they work so well.

Currently they offer 25, 55, and 85L bags, on an 18 or 20 inch frameset. An artic warfare pack is being developed with an additional 22" frame. We are working on prototype designs so the bags and frames will be interchangeable, and the top lids all detachable so each size can be adjusted as required. For instance, the Germans expressed interest in a 45L pack which we are working on, by adding an ALICE style top lid and removing a few features from the 55L bag. Others, such as Shoobe want a slightly large ruck, so you could add the 85L top to it, which would punch it up to about 65L.

I have personally rucked them in the Uwharrie forest and surrounding mountains for the past year. A good buddy who is now a team WO with 20th Group rucked them with me and has switched over from his MR goodness. In fact his whole team recently deployed with them. We have several members here who have also been testing them out. Running Wolf has rucked the ALICE with them, as well as a modified LBT 8-pocket, and currently the DG3 bag. Shoobe and crew have been out there all winter testing them out. RCBUSMC has taken them on deployment to Oki, and Korea, testing the frameset with the FILBE. Another LF member has taken them to 10th Mtn for testing with the Molle Large. Max, from Max Velocity Training is testing out the 55L DG3. Mosby from Mountain Guerilla is also out there with the new SAS Mk 7. We also have them out there with the Canadians, Brits, Germans, and Swedes. In fact the Swedish Rangers are up above the artic circle with them as we speak.

Initial feedback has been very good. And we are incorporating feedback as we get it. The artic warfare pack is a direct result of user feedback from that AO. So yeah that is a fascinating new area that is being re-visited these days. The Army and Marine Corps are having symposiums on it this week I believe.
But anyways, if you're in the market for a good ruck, gives us a look. The main website is, and the new US site we are developing is If you order from the US site, that comes to me and I will ship from NC to save on shipping. If you need some mods, I'm a little backed up right now, but will get to it. Eventually. I'm not charging anything right now for friends n family so if you need any tweaks, be happy to do it. For example, detachable lids, or different sized frame. The frameset is also available separately to try out with your legacy ALICE or Molle bags.