Critique my workout plan

I see others recommending Wendler 5/3/1, and I'm a huge fan as well. I use Jim's program and it just flat out works... that's all there is to it.

I use 5/3/1 as the center of my training and then do some assistance work and conditioning work such as sled pushes, sandbag work, kettle bell work etc. If you have access to a sled, use that shit.

My split looks something like this:

Day 1:
- Wendler Squat
- Wendler Overhead press
-Weighted pull-ups
-Weighted Ring Dips
- ab work
- minor arm work
Day 2:
- 30 weighted sled pushes for time immediately followed by 100 KB swings for time

Day 3:

Day 4:
- Wendler Deadlift
- Wendler Bench press
- bent over rows
- close grip bench
-ab work
-minor arm work

Day 5:
-30 sled weighted sled pushed
-30 farmers carry

Day 6:

Day 7:

On the active recovery week from Wendler I typically don't do any dedicated squatting or deadlifting and will usually just do conditioning workout involving complex barbell movements, kettle bell work, sandbag work, rowing, sled pushes. I'm a huge fan of the sled, that sled builds strength, endurance, and character.

Some things I would critique about you're routine (some of this is kind of tongue and cheek as I'm fairly opinionated on the subject)...

- single muscle group body building splits are fucking retarded, actually most "body building" routines are fucking retarded.

- a lot of body building exercises are fucking retarded.

- machines are fucking retarded, they're also the work of Satan. Satan put machines here to keep people small and keep the people who invented them rich.

- stick to complex barbell exercises and some dumbbell work.

- push a sled, do pull-ups, lift heavy ass weight, eat lots of good food and you'll get big.

I work a fucked up schedule like you so i tailored the plan around my schedule. I also listen to my body and will add or delete training days based on how I feel. Usually I work out four days a week, sometimes 3, sometimes 5, occasionally 6... sometimes I just take the whole week off to recover.

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The only problem I see is with the second routine, you're training chest one day then triceps the next. Triceps are already recruited on chest exercises along with shoulders too. So what you could do is throw chest, delts, and triceps together on one day then just take the next day off completely. Especially with Friday chest, Saturday delts/tris, Sunday chest again, Monday delts/tris again. So personally I'd just combine the chest tris delt days together.