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The election year run on ammo and guns has already started, doubtless we will be seeing price gouging on things other than toilet paper soon. Previous ammo shortages have also seen orders canceled and advertised wait times that are simply lies.

Here is a thread to post the companies exploiting this crisis to screw their customers, as well as ones who maintain basic customer service.

I'll start by saying that Phlster shipped my arc switches within hours of me ordering them last Friday and USPS had them in my box when I got back from work Monday. This is exactly how business with Phlster worked before, and apparently during, this crisis.
So here is a list of reports on various places I've done business with since March 20th. You'll note that I have a rough format.

Advertised lead time
Order Placed
Order contents
Contacted customer service

Werkz holsters:
Lead time advertised as increasing to 2-4 days.
Order placed on the 27th, a Friday.
I'll be pissed if it doesn't ship on Friday April 2nd.
Order was a quick ship holster.

Osage County Gun Works:
Lead time currently advertised as six days.
Order placed on Friday, March 20th
Shipped on the 26th.
Order was a P320 grip and magazine.
I did contact their customer service and found it satisfactory.

Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore:
Lead time on ammunition advertised, at the time, as "8 days or more." Website currently claims 7-14 days or more. I am wondering if they even had the boxes in stock.
Order placed on the Friday, March 20th
Order has not shipped.
Order was for four boxes of 9mm from two different manufacturers. Some of that ammunition is still advertised as being in stock.
Customer service phone number requests an email instead of a phone call.

Black Market Arms:
Lead time advertised as "at least 72 hours" on Gunbroker, but "3-10 days" on their website. This alone is arguably deceptive.
Order placed on Sunday, March 22nd.
Order does not appear to have shipped yet, but their website does not provide any sort of order tracking function, nor do they answer their phone.
Order was for a SIG trigger, one of "10+" they had in stock. Curiously, they were out of stock after I placed my order.
I will not be doing business with this company again and may file a complaint through Gunbroker if things don't improve.
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