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Corvus Training Group

Corvus Training Group, LLC
Bradford, NH

Corvus Training Group provides customized training and education in an industry continuously evolving to stay ahead of foreign and domestic threats. Using skilled and experienced instructors combined with an adult-learning oriented curriculum, Corvus Training Group provides training and education for those who work to keep our streets safe, and our nation secure. Our cadre and training staff combine tested adult-learning curriculum with years of conspicuous experience to deliver top-notch instruction. Corvus Training Group offers training and education for law enforcement, military, and specialized organizations and teams.

Corvus Training Group offers a unique combination of online, didactic and hands-on practical skill building with a unique emphasis on structured critical thinking and appropriate decision making. Our product is not the training, it is the student. Our students walk away with the knowledge and skills needed to operate safely and make critical decisions in austere and resource poor environments.

We aim to achieve two primary goals:

1. Provide the most effective education possible through teaching techniques, instructor excellence, subject matter expertise, and environmental challenges.

2. Make quality education accessible to any student with the desire to learn.

Overview of Services
Starting fall of 2016 we will offer shooting facilities including outdoor 25m pistol, 300 rifle, and 1000m unknown distance ranges, an indoor modular shoot house for use with FX rounds and below, and a massive 1300+ acre property for training.

Planned services will include a MOUT facility, a driving track, and a utility airstrip.

Contact Information
Real People:

Grey Jewett

Executive Director
(603) 721-6254

Max Dodge
Director of Education
(603) 748-0097

Jon Stevens
Director of Operations

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