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Considering Oregon Move. Seeking info.

Discussion in 'Western Region' started by jaredd624, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. jaredd624

    jaredd624 Newbie

    Hello, my name is Jared. Currently, I live in Missoula Montana. I'm a university student, and work as a reserve deputy for the local sheriff's office as well as for a non profit children's shelter. I'm considering a move to the Eugene/ Lane county area. I will be finishing my degree at U of O. I know the Lane County Sheriff's office has a reserve deputy unit. It is important to me that I continue reserve LE work while finishing school. I am hoping someone may have information, or contact info for someone familiar with the LCSO reserve unit. Any info or advice is appreciated.
  2. Singh

    Singh Newbie

    Hey Jared, I moved here, to Eugene in 2004, from Missoula, where I attended the UM(GO GRIZ) anyway, I work security, EP, PMC work and im a student at the UO, working on my 2nd degree. I am originally from Bozeman. WHat wold u like to know about Lane county?
  3. jaredd624

    jaredd624 Newbie

    Great news! So I plan on transferring to UO, did you have credits transfer easily? I'm really mostly curious about the LCSO reserve unit, see how my transition from MCSO would go. I contacted a trooper whom I we share a mutual friend who is looking into it for me, but I'm still waiting to hear back. I want to know their hiring/ training process so I can get back involved as soon as possible.

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