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Ive been a member for a few months just lurking. The site seems to have quality discussions without a lot of pissing matches which is refreshing. So on to my question, I am currently running a Glock 19 with an RMR and a TLR-1, but am switching over to a x300 here shortly. I carry appendix in an INCOG without the light attached and in a Bravo concealment OWB holster when I do have the light attached. I much prefer running it appendix IWB and want to hear some feedback about setups running a x300 iwb (or WML in general), especially what holster and where on the body you are carrying. Thanks for any feedback.


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I am 5'8", approximately 140 lbs., and I conceal carry a P30LS with an X400U, RMR, and the Taylor Freelance +5 baseplates, wearing size small t-shirts and 30" waist slim fit jeans, using a slightly modified RCS Phantom.

The pen shows the bottom of the holster. It goes right into the crease of my leg, so bending over and stuff isn't an issue. The larger cant is to minimize the printing of the extended baseplate. It might slow me down a little on the draw, but I can guarantee a hit a 3"×5" index card at 7 yards in about ~1.8 seconds from concealment.

The utility of a WML on a conceal carry piece is also up for debate; I personally don't push people to do it when asked about the optimal conceal carry set up. If you can and want to, rock on, but not doing so won't get you killed in the streets or anything.


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I've not spent as much time AIWB carrying with a light as I do carrying sans-light, but I've used an Armordillo Concealment X-Fer and then a Raven Concealment Systems Vanguard 3. I used the X-Fer for maybe two months until I could get a RCS VG3 and I much prefer the VG3. The X-Fer does not have adjustable retention and only has a softloop directly attached to the holster body. The holster body of the X-Fer is simply a kydex taco which relies on built in kydex tension as well as belt tension. The VG3 is much more comfortable and a bit more concealable since it adds a few features that the X-Fer does not have; namely it offers adjustable retention via a screw as well as overhook struts or a soft loop on a strut. The strut is what makes the biggest difference to me.
Persec Systems SPEAR, I carry a threaded 19 with an X300U every day AIWB. I also keep a VG3 in my truck because it's a great holster, but I found with dry fire and range use that I like the SPEAR better

Andrew Y.

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JM Custom Kydex does an awesome AIWB light bearing holster, I can get pics later, I believe DR. roberts has a review of his on here. I run a P229 with x300u. Its a bigger but i like it more than the X-fer haven't tried the VG3. I like the gun being fully covered, more stability.

Dr. Roberts

Mine is similar but the retention screw on mine is on the grip side. it acts like a lil wing to tuck the grip. Mine also has the foam wedge and no extra kydex tuck feature


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JM Custom Kydex does an awesome AIWB light bearing holster, I can get pics later, I believe DR. roberts has a review of his on here. I run a P229 with x300u. Its a bigger but i like it more than the X-fer haven't tried the VG3. I like the gun being fully covered, more stability.

Dr. Roberts

Mine is similar but the retention screw on mine is on the grip side. it acts like a lil wing to tuck the grip. Mine also has the foam wedge and no extra kydex tuck feature

I'll second this. I bought this holster of Doc GKRs recommendation and it has been outstanding. I carry a G17 and G19 with X300U. I've tried several other IWB light bearing holsters and had almost given up on the idea until I saw this one. The size is the main thing since most every other holster I tried was basically a OWB holster that they tried to make into an IWB without any additional thought or intelligent design.

I went with soft loops on mine and also got it cut so it will accept an RMR equipped pistol. The kydex is nice and thick (.093 I believe) and there are no rough edges or sharp points on it anywhere. It has adjustable retention as well. I find that it tucks in nicely about the 12:30 position which is where I carried these guns without a WML. Obviously a lot of thought went into this holster. My only complaint is that it is not tuckable.

Since I do like the ability to carry my EDC weapon at weddings or any other place I need to wear my shirt tucked in, I bought a Raven VG3. I like the holster a lot and it does its job. Only complaint I have is (as with the VG2) the front sight being exposed will eventually wear a hole in your jeans. I save it for when I need a very basic carry setup or when I need to dress up. My preference is still the one from JM. The VG3 holds the gun very securely and I'm still able to safely re holster one handed. Comfortable as well. Just not my preference for everyday use since I have other options.

I would also look at the one from PERSEC Systems HERE. If I had found this first I may have went this route since it solves both of my needs for a fully covered EDC holster and the tuckable option for when that is required. I know more than a few members use this holster and speak very highly of it. I have no first hand experience with that holster but based on looks and feedback from others, I think I would be satisfied with it.

Tony does not have the holster listed on his site, but if you email him he will make it for you.

This is what Tony said on how to order this holster:

"You can order that on the website. Order the OWB light bearing on the website and tell me in the comments it’s for an AIWB application and that you’re going to need it cut for an RMR. Thanks
Tony Mayer
JM Custom Kydex"

I do want to point out, that while the above instructions say to order the OWB LB model and then make comments for AIWB, it is definitely a completely different design. My guess is those instructions are just so the $$ amount matches up.

Hopefully that helps.



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JM Custom Kydex does an awesome AIWB light bearing holster, I can get pics later, I believe DR. roberts has a review of his on here. I run a P229 with x300u. Its a bigger but i like it more than the X-fer haven't tried the VG3. I like the gun being fully covered, more stability.

Dr. Roberts

Mine is similar but the retention screw on mine is on the grip side. it acts like a lil wing to tuck the grip. Mine also has the foam wedge and no extra kydex tuck feature
On his suggestion, I ordered the same holster. My results have been in line with Ike. Absolutely love it.

I'm 6'1", 180, and have no trouble with my G19/RMR/300u.

It falls just above my natural hip/leg crease, so walking/sitting is no problem. Trying to draw while driving/seated is problematic, but the benefits of being able to bend forward without the weapon being exposed is worth the trade off to me.


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Now that I'm one of the cool kids and toting a #RolandSpecial now, I needed a good option for IWB. The Raven Concealment VG3 filled that role for a while. I just recently got this one in from JM Custom Kydex and I'm in love. I'll update in about 6 months after I've had some good time with it but initial impressions are really good.

It hides the RS better than any holster I've tried and it's pretty comfortable too. Of course it holds the gun securely and the draw is smooth. No rough or sharp edges and there's also a few holes for adjusting the height and cant. The only complaint I have is that it's not tuckable but I keep the VG3 handy for that role. The RCS claw on this one really tucks the grip into my body which makes it almost impossible to see. Even with the Agency (and Freya that I use on another 19) magwell.

This one is custom too so you'll have to email Tony to make it happen.





I can't say enough good things about JM Kydex. Their work has really become the standard by wich I judge all other concealment holsters.
Instead of starting a new thread, I'll jump into this one as well.

Review/modification - Bravo Concealment DOS-L

Background: I am a nobody in the "tactical" world. I have zero mil or leo experience and my job does not require me to be armed. Like Duke Krieger, and his awesome review, I'm just an American who likes firearms. Also, please forgive the dark pictures, I'm in the middle of moving so I don't have much light in my current work area.

Current EDC:
Gun - Glock 17 gen4, Surefire X300u-a, 10-8 sights
Holster - Raven concealment VG3

I've been running this setup since the VG3 launched. I have been thrilled at how easily It conceals (for me) and how comfortable (for me) it is. I'm 6' and around 280lbs. 38-40 jeans, 54 suit jacket. I'm on the abnormal size of some humans in case you ask how I can conceal that size firearm where I carry it.

My only complaints to this point about the VG3 have been:
1. On long car rides, 2+ hours, the uncovered 10-8 front sight post can start digging in places I'd rather it not dig.
2. Some of the buttons on some of my pants have an edge on the inside that have been having a battle with the top of my slide. My gun is a tool, but if I can keep undue wear off of it I'm game.
3. I'm capable of reholstering with it still attached to my belt, but I still prefer a full holster for training and so hot things don't burn things I don't want burned.

I grew tired of waiting for a light bearing Eidolon, which will probably launch the day after I post this, so I picked up the Bravo Concealment DOS-L during their new launch sale.

The good:
It is very well put together, the tension and retention is spot on with a smooth click. Drawing and reholstering from this was smooth and painless (10-8 front post issues again). And, I thought I was being smart by "future-proofing" by ordering it with the rmr cut.
IMG_3096.JPG IMG_3098.JPG

The not so good and the mods/solutions:
The he double belt clips make the holster mount rock solid. This is great until you realize the way the VG3 was able to pivot actually aided in comfort. Easy fix, down to one clip and moved up to get a better grip. Removing this clip also revealed a rivet that was not pressed in completely. 3rd up from the bottom... Not a deal breaker but definitely a miss by QC.

After I wore the holster for a few days I realized there were some sharp points that my body wasn't appreciating, the 2 edges around the light, the edge by the front sight, and the corner for the rmr cut. Remember that great idea to future-proof? Yea so do I.
IMG_3101.JPG IMG_3102.JPG IMG_3104.JPG

Enter my dremel: instant gunsmith maker and dream birther. (Yes this holster is brand new and yes this probably voids the 30 day return policy they have. It's my money. Don't try this at home)

After some passes with the polishing wheel, I was able to take down the rmr corner and also round and smooth out the other corners. This is much much much more comfortable to wear now and I'll be able to give a follow up after I get some more weeks on it.
IMG_3108.JPG IMG_3110.JPG IMG_3111.JPG

In summary, this made me appreciate the smoothness and simplicity that makes the VG3 so awesome. It is still my go to. It also makes me wish that more holster makers would really take the time to smooth out holsters that are marketed as appendix carry. This isn't a bash on the DOS-L, just a general plea.

Light bearing Eidolon, I'm still waiting for you.
I've been aiwb a glock 19 with Streamlight TLR-1 for a couple months now. So far so good. Holster is a rebel rig from H&H holsters. I like it cause it works for aiwb and at the 430 position as well. Ive carried other guns without a light aiwb and I don't think adding a light made any difference to me. Aiwb def took me time getting used to but it's growing on me. I'm 6'1 225lb so it takes so readjustment from time to time. Especially when getting into a seat. No big deal though.
I have been testing the Inforce APL for a couple months now. I carry a G17 (chopped) or a G-19 with an APL in a JG Customs holster, IWB (version two) at the 4:30 position. Prior to that and still from time to time for about the last 7 years (maybe more) I have carried a G-19 with a TLR-1 IWB at the 4:30. I was carrying the G-19 and TLR in a holster that I made for the majority of that time. However, recently I started running one of TRHolsters IWB holsters for that combo. It is an interesting design but it works and is very comfortable. I have used TRHolsters for years but that was the first time that I tried one of their IWB gun/light combo holsters. I met Tony who is the owner of TRHolsters, his shop is on the way to the range that I am a member of. I asked him if he had ever heard of the Roland Special and if he had a holster that would work for it. We tried a couple that he had on hand and they did not. However, a couple days later he had production models ready both inside and outside the waistband. I am currently carrying my Roland(ish) special OWB in a G-34 and TLR-1 Holster at the 3:00. However, as soon as I can allocate funds from other projects I will be picking up one of his Roland Special Holsters. They are the same as the gun/light combo holsters but obviously they have the area for the comp also.
Researching the topic of WML and appendix carry. Ha anyone tried TXC or Tier 1’s light bearing options? JM makes great stuff but lead times are pretty long to say the least.
I have a Tier1 non-sidecar holster for my SIG M18 with Streamlight TLR-7 and Holosun 507v2. The holster is extremely well made and designed, I do not feel that I spent too much or waited to long. But the hole spacing is nonstandard, forcing me to buy universal DCC clips and stick with the not very good Tier1 wing.

If you are carrying any gun with a TLR-1 or X300 just get a Phlster Floodlight. You will be happy.


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I’ve got quite a bit of experience with a T1C Axis Slim, carrying with a X300U and a special customization for covering the compensator on my pistol. It’s got a lot of adjustability, is very comfortable and conceals well. I’m about 5’11” and the holster ends just above my hip joint, so it doesn’t get in the way for sitting or bending over.

Left is a QVO Tactical Secondary OWB QLS holster, right is the T1C Axis Slim. Both pistols are identical. I’ve also got some experience now with the Phlster Floodlight, and I can say it’s even more comfortable and conceals just as well. Plus the universality of it is a nice feature