Combat First (aid) Medical

COMBAT FIRST AID is specific to Law Enforcement and is pertinent to Patrol Officers, SWAT Operators and First Responders.

Specifically, SWAT teams have an advantage over the Patrol Officer. They have better body armor, safety in numbers, the element of surprise, and usually have a Paramedic on the team. The Patrol officer is typically alone, has minimal body armor and could be a long way away from medical help. Also, transition time from a traumatic incident to a “safe scene”, where EMS is allowed, can be critical to whether necessary lifesaving treatment will be administered. This gap in time is often the deciding factor whether an injured person lives or dies. Proper combat/critical care administered by the SWAT Operator or Patrol Officer will save lives and offers a mitigation strategy to a problem that has historically been unaddressed. Most importantly it allows the officer to stay in the fight and not lay there helplessly bleeding out.

The COMBAT FIRST AID class teaches the Patrol Officer to administer lifesaving treatment to themselves, a fellow officer or a citizen that has sustained a life threatening injury. The class covers the three preventable causes of combat death and the treatment for all three. The training provided by COMBAT FIRST AID is developed from Tactical Combat Causality Care (TCCC) – the newest curriculum. The TCCC class is specific to Paramedics and EMT’s but we have adapted the training so it is relevant to the Patrol Officer/SWAT Operator and non-medical first responders.


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I spoke with your husband back in Oct at the TRT Pistol class. I look forward to meeting and chatting with you at SHOT. From what I hear you guys have a pretty darn good program put together.