Combat Absolute Low-Light Pistol (7 hours) July 22, 2022 Boise, ID

1 Day (7 Hour) Low-Light Pistol, July 22, 2022 7PM-2AM Boise, ID

Course Registration:

Cost: $165

Training Location: Double Tapp Range, 14010 E. Double Tapp Lane, Boise, ID 83716

Course Description:
Many people consider low-light/no-light firearm training to be advanced in nature. This is often due to the lack of available low-light courses and/or facilities which will accommodate such training. Being able to effectively utilize your pistol in low-light conditions is an often overlooked necessity.

This course will focus on light discipline, target identification and discrimination techniques, pistol manipulations in low-light, use of light with regard to barricades and low-light movement skills. A premium will be placed on accuracy throughout the course.

Handheld illumination techniques will be covered, although a pistol weapon mounted light is HIGHLY recommended. This course will begin during daylight hours to ensure manipulation and illumination techniques are sound, before progressing into low-light training after sunset. This course will run until 2:00 AM to ensure enough low-light training is completed.

***This is not a beginner level course. Students must have a satisfactory/intermediate level of safe pistol handling skills.***

Necessary Equipment:
- Handheld light (for administrative purposes/searching techniques)
- Pistol chambered in 9mm or larger
- Pistol weapon mounted light (optional but HIGHLY recommended)
- Holster (MUST allow for single handed reholstering)
- 3 or more pistol magazines and magazine pouch
- 600 rounds pistol ammunition
- Weather appropriate clothing (we shoot rain or shine)
- Eye and ear protection (to include clear eye protection for low-light training)
- Personal food and hydration items
- Weapon lube/kit
- Spare batteries for lighting systems
- Spare batteries for handheld light
- State or government issued ID