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Colorado Roll-Call

Discussion in 'Mountain Region' started by Mick-boy, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. scothill

    scothill Hill People Gear Vendor

    I am in Grand Junction
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  2. BadShot

    BadShot Newbie

  3. SmashFab

    SmashFab Newbie

    West Denver
  4. rwbfitness

    rwbfitness Newbie

    Springs, Aurora for most the summer and fall for work
  5. USMC03

    USMC03 Member

    Springs area
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  6. Mike Erickson

    Mike Erickson Amateur

    Denver area.
  7. Colorado Springs here, full time NG. I am looking for training opportunities and to get my pistol shooting squared away.

    MOLON_LABE Regular Member


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  9. Lex137

    Lex137 Newbie

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  10. Herk

    Herk Newbie


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