CMP & NRA matches

Who here competes in one or more of the various CMP/NRA match events? I tried to be a Service Rifle guy and was decent at it, but it's not working out time- and logistics-wise.
Was for a few years-did all the major matches. Quantico, Perry, Creedmoor. I will say two things. It made me a much better overall shooter- and competed with the best shooters in the country. The depth of knowledge is deep in the sport.

However- the sport is drying up- and it is not filling the ranks with new shooters. Scholastic and Collegiate sports are dying off- and the main weight of the sport falls upon the service teams. It also has a rift of those that frown upon PRS and 3 gun style comps.

Overall it is a great sport to be involved in- but I would put the time, money, and effort into more “practical sports”. Especially those that are found at the local level.

FWIW - I was an AMU shooter for 3 years, and had a chance to shoot the sport while assigned there- prior to moving elsewhere in the military. Great experience and people- so dont take any of my gripes and a personal attack on anyone.
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I have only shot one local CMP service rifle match and it was ok but it’s almost always the same morning as the monthly USPSA match so that wins my interest every time.

I hate to say it but it’s a fat old guy sport now.

Practical shooting sports - USPSA, IDPA, steel challenge, and 3 gun/ multi gun are so much more enjoyable in my experience.