Chest Rig MOLLE Adaptor Question


Hey fellas,
I'm trying to convert the back of my chest rig (which has hook velcro on it) into a MOLLE panel so I can attach it to my plate carrier. (see attached pic)

Does anyone know of a MOLLE / Velcro panel that's roughly 12x6"? I've searched all over but my google-fu is weak.

Thanks in advance

With the caveat that I have never used their products or played with them in person, Axl Advanced has adapters to fit rigs like this to armor. I've been eyeing their adapter set for the USMC SPC to mount a Spiritus chest rig to it. I found them on instagram @axladvanced. Good luck!
I've ordered one of the AXL Advanced adapters to mount a Spiritus chest rig to an LBT 6094. They sent me an email saying it was in production so hopefully it will be in soon. I'll post a review once I get it in. All of my training events for my unit are cancelled because of COVID-19 precautions but I can somewhat put it through it's paces with PT until things get back to normal.
Can you not put wrap through the columns on the carrier?

use these to mount the top clips.

I've used the QASMs before and they work. Then I had some homemade straps that attached to the webbing on the cummerbund and the buckles on the side of various chest rigs. It worked decent but buckling and tightening just added extra steps to don and doff everything. What I'm hoping to get from the adaptor is the stiffened velcro portion to take some of the slop out of the mounting interface on the front flap and simplify the whole process of wearing everything.