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CWG provides training in field-oriented, group tasks for government agencies, the military, and some events open to the public. Our focus now is providing force on force field exercises that allow you, your team, or your organization to shoot, move and communicate against a live enemy.

These exercises have little or no explicit instruction, but instead provide an outlet to test your skills and put them and your equipment into practice. You will have to give and follow orders, work as a team and follow your CoC, use land nav skills day and night, will sleep and eat in the woods for two nights without breaks, communicate properly, observe and report on enemy behavior, simulate casualties, resupply your team, work with vehicles, practice light discipline, and more.

While we have fake countries and a backstory, think of this more like a Battalion-level FTX than a paintball game. We do not play capture the flag, and do not take breaks to sell or lecture. CWG events bring serious but safe, entirely immersive multi-day tactical exercises to everyone.

Our staff have been doing related "game" and formal exercises, as well as training in firearms, small unit tactics, communications, night vision, land navigation, orders writing, leadership development, woodland survival, and more for over a decade. We are certified firearms instructors, outdoorsmen, and current and former US soldiers. For more information about who makes up CWG, see http://centralwar.com/about/

Find out more about CWG and register for training exercises at http://centralwar.com/
For any questions, please contact info@centralwar.com