Cauliflower Ear


As a new BJJ guy with a whopping year under my white belt my ears just started to cauliflower. Based on this thread - you can't really, to my knowledge increase the mobility of your ear, prevention is easy - wear head gear, so let's talk recovery... to drain them or not? Ice? gauze after draining with clothes pins? What is the best post injury treatment?
Personally, I decided to leave them alone because it really isn't that bad right now. In the future I may drain them.


As a former wrestler with mangled ears, my advice is drain them. If you choose not to, they will heal and turn solid, causing any and all "definition" inside your ear to be forever gone. I made the mistake of letting them go thinking I could fix them later. Turns out you can't.

For the record, my experience was 20 years ago so things may have advanced in that area since then.