C.A.T. tourniquet carrier options


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I want to buy a carrier and would like some suggestions. I'm a civilian in the CONUS and not a guy working in the sandbox. Could be mounted on a plate carrier or on a belt for a training day.

I've seen the Eleven 10 tourniquet holster and was wondering if there is a better way or is that a good option? Thanks for the advice.
So for MOLLE or duty belt attachment I like the NAR CAT TQ Holder. They can also be mounted vertically and horizontally depending on how and where you want to use it, also the complete coverage reduces exposure to UV and also aids in retention. I have bought most of the other TQ holders and always end up coming back to these because no matter if i'm rolling around on the ground or running around I have never lost a TQ out of one of these pouches.

NAR CAT TQ Holder - https://www.amazon.com/North-Americ...&sprefix=north+american+rescue,aps,273&sr=8-3

Another good option for use with velcro duty belts such as the Ronin Senshi or as a wing pouch on a plate carrier or chest rig is the NAR Elastic CAT TQ carrier or similar products.


The eleven 10 tq holder works fine. I've used several for years now and they have the added benefit of giving a visual reference of where the tq is carried as opposed to a completely covered pouch.


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I ordered one Eleven 10 and two of the NAR TQ holders. One of the NAR units, I'm giving to an Elk hunter friend who I convinced to carry a TQ on his bow hunts where there is NO close medical help. Thanks everyone.


I’m a huge fan of the eleven ten tourniquet/self aid pouch mounted horizontally up front on my duty belt. TQ is protected and maintains a low profile against the body. Wrote a nice big TQ on it in red paint pen for easy identification.


I used the holster version from eleven ten for a while but found the pouch to work out a lot better. The belt mount on the pouch is way more comfortable than having a teklok holding the holster version on and digging into my thigh.

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I carry a Eleven/10 gear On my duty belt as well. Only issue I’ve had is even with the shirt guard in place the Velcro still destroys parts of my outer carrier and uniform shirt. Recently ordered a Condition Gray SRG to mount to my holster to try.
My department issues us the eleven-10 carrier. I hate it. I hate the way the top of the tourniquet is uncovered. They have since changed the design. I ended up buy the two holder made by North American Rescue. It's a soft pouch that can be mounted horizontally or vertically. It also encloses the entire tourniquet. Which is a must if carry it with the windlass hold/ date tab Velcro exposed.


I have a Blue Force Gear TQ Belt pouch that does the trick. It's quick to deploy. I've never had to use it (thankfully), but it's lightweight and where I carry it (right side in front of my sidearm), it's good to go.
I've been using the BFG TQ holders for years. I tend to have to replace the TQ a bit more due to wear because they're exposed, but the rapid deployment is fantastic.

On my holster I transfer between my belt and a paddle for carry, I have an Eleven10 mounted to NCP-E that I solely use for the equipment function.
I have carried all kinds of TQs all different ways both in kit and out of it. One thing that I have found I really like is using a BFG Ten Speed M4 mag pouch with the belt loops. It can be attached to a belt or PALS webbing and I have found that it fits the CAT, SOFTT variants and TMT really well. It allows easy access and deployment with either hand. The only drawback that I have found with this setup is if you take a CAT out of the package and do not refold it to be a little shorter, it can pose a snagging hazard. Another thing I like about these pouches is that I can stuff a pair of exam gloves in with the TQ without adding a lot of bulk. Another way that I stage TQs when in kit is with a piece of shock cord wrapped around my belt at the buckle area to horizontally stage a TQ at the front of my body. It allows access with either hand, is relatively low profile when sitting in vehicles and bending over, and stays out of the way. Just a couple other options if you are looking for solutions that are not just a TQ pouch.